Hone your targeting to reach the right audience for all levels of your sales funnel. Get the word out to the masses or hit the niche audience only you know.



  • Site Targeting: Target specific websites related to your products or services.
  • Page Category Targeting: Target specific pages related to your products or services regardless of where it appears on the web.
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting: Target specific content on the web that indexes highly against specific keywords that you select.


  • Use data purchased from 3rd party data providers to target individuals across the web based on self-reported information and their online browsing behavior.


  • Target individuals geographically by country, state, city, metro region, zip code, or mobile geo-fencing.

Site Retargeting

  • Target individuals who have previously visited your site and expressed interest in your product or service.

Look-alike Modeling

  • Target individuals who have similar online behavior as your customers or leads.

Custom Audiences (Offline Data)

  • Use MightyHive’s proprietary technology to bring your offline data online and target individuals across the web. Use your CRM, sales, direct mail, call center, enterprise data, and more to create custom audiences.

IP Addressable (B2B)

  • Target based on IP ranges allowing you to target specific businesses with online advertisements.