Call Center Remarketing

Create Custom Audiences Based On Phone Number

Are you looking to increase revenue from your call center? We can help.

Customers reach your contact center, you want to re-engage them but you don’t know how. In any call center, many calls end without a purchase. Continuing the conversation with abandoned callers can be extremely valuable, but re-engaging these leads is difficult.

Direct mail is too slow, call backs are intrusive, and emails are often marked as spam. There is a better way. MightyHive has seen as much as a 10% re-engagement rate with call center remarketing. For best results, we recommend our clients have at least 10K phone calls per month and an average customer value of $100 or more.

How Does It Work?
For example, let’s say you’re a reseller of television services. A potential customer hears your ad on the radio and calls your 1-800 number to inquire about pricing. Your primary sales agents tried but were unable to secure an installation. The customer calls other competitors to inquire.

Using MightyHive’s Call Center Remarketing you add him to an audience of “lost leads” and show him banner ads touting your benefits and pre-roll video ads for 6 months of HBO free when they sign up. Now the customer is incentivized and calls the number in the video, which enables you to track where they converted from and becomes a customer.