Dealership Direct

What is Dealership Direct?

Drive more foot traffic into dealership events using online channels. The last time you saw your customer, their car had 100,000 miles. Remind them in a nonintrusive way that it is time to get their car serviced or upgrade to a new car:

Place your advertisements on Yahoo!, Google, CNN, Facebook and thousands of other websites with just one insertion order

Dealership Direct enables you to match your sales list to an ad list in order to find out who is converting. In short, Dealership Direct helps you learn where your ad dollars are going. Use Dealership Direct in conjunction with website retargeting to leverage all available data about your conquest list, including browsing history on your site.

Leverage 3rd Party Data such as purchase intent, demographic, geographic and more. Increase the performance of your conquest campaign by targeting the geographic radius around your dealership. Optimize the media execution using day parting, context, geography, demographics or thousands of other online behavioral data points.