The deprecation of Atlas as an ad server is imminent, and if you’re one of the many Atlas users today, the time is now to reconsider your ad-serving solution. By September 2017, all advertisers must be completely transitioned from Atlas to their new ad server, but what should be considered as part of the evaluation process?

MightyHive And Double Click

The ad tech landscape is confusing, with dozens of players to choose from. As a result, the search for a new ad serving solution can be difficult without trusted guidance, but MightyHive’s team of industry veterans and experts are here to help. As part of the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partnership program, we will work to identify your specific needs and recommend whether DoubleClick Campaign Manager is right for you!

Seamless Transition

Our dedicated Account Managers have been here before. Having experience transitioning advertisers from Atlas to DoubleClick Campaign Manager in the past, we will be here along the way to make this process as easy as possible. Whether you’re an agency with a large book of business or an advertiser looking to transition a single account, let MightyHive make this transition process headache free.

Rebuilding campaigns from the ground up can be time consuming. MightyHive provides three service tiers: Self-Service, Support and Training, and Managed, which are interchangeable on a monthly basis at no additional charge. Leverage our flexibility to complete your goals and meet your deadlines!

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Programmatic Creative

Workflow Ease

Intuitive platforms are paramount for running successful campaigns. This easy-to-use interface allows advertisers to clearly distinguish the site, placement, and creative type without navigating from the campaign view. DoubleClick Campaign Manager supports all creative types including video and Rich Media while allowing users to bulk upload creatives, download and export campaigns with DoubleClick tags, and automate reporting all from the same user interface. This is your one stop shop for campaign management, execution, and reporting.

Ad Fraud and Viewability

As one of the world’s largest investors in ad fraud protection, trust that DoubleClick Verification is keeping your brand safe from unsavory content and fraudulent clicks.

Equipped with Active View technology, DoubleClick Campaign Manager ensures that when you serve an ad, it is actually seen by the intended user. Unlock and harness the power of free viewability reporting with no extra work required. Easily pull and automate reports to see what proportion of your ads were delivered, seen, and acted upon. Verifying campaigns has never been easier!

Data Driven Targeting


Reporting and Attribution

Harness the power of deterministic cross-device and cross-channel reporting to draw insights into your campaigns as users travel down the funnel across channels and devices. These path to conversion insights allow you to be more efficient throughout your campaigns with de-duplicated data to support your decisioning. The Report Builder is customizable and allows advertisers to create and automate reports displaying metrics and dimensions that are important to them.

View-through attribution has never been more important in an increasingly mobile, digital world. Advertisers must understand how their channels are interacting together to drive leads down funnel to conversion. With built-in attribution modeling you now have access to ingest data while placing weight at different interaction points. Path to conversion, path length, and time lag models are just a few attribution models available to draw more granular conclusions about your campaign efficiencies, and arguably more important, inefficiencies.

A fully integrated programmatic stack (DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Bid Manager, and Search) will provide a centralized source of truth across all campaign performance.

Consolidation and Future Innovation

As DoubleClick’s longest-lasting and largest channel partner, MightyHive supports our clients across the entire DoubleClick stack. DoubleClick has a seamless integration across all your digital channels and can be adopted when the timing is right for you. Using Floodlight technology, DoubleClick consolidates all your display, search, ad serving, analytics, and creative development all in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. If you already have other systems in place, DoubleClick Campaign Manager integrates with other ad tech such as DSPs, tag management, analytics platforms and more.

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Let us help facilitate your transition from Facebook Atlas to DoubleClick. Contact questions@mightyhive.com today!