Programmatic Search

MightyHive + DoubleClick Search

MightyHive leverages the power of DoubleClick Search to develop and execute best-in-class bid optimization strategies for programmatic search. We reach across multiple search engines to drive additional conversions with optimal efficiency. This means more customers at a lower cost per acquisition. MightyHive can also help you capitalize on synergies between your search and display marketing, allowing you to control the conversation with your prospects throughout the entire customer acquisition funnel.


Consolidate Search Efforts:

Streamline workflow by managing search campaigns with a single, powerful platform.


Automate Bidding:

Harness the power of proprietary bid optimization algorithms that use intra-day data to make smarter bidding decisions.


Capitalize on Trends:

Ongoing trend analysis detects seasonality and search volume trends to uncover additional opportunities.


Optimize for Results:

Maximize the impact of your search campaigns by optimizing bids and budgets to meet your key performance metrics such as goal conversions, CPA, and ROI.


Let MightyHive help you consolidate all of your search campaigns and integrate programmatic search with rest of your DoubleClick digital marketing efforts.

Consistent Results

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.59.57 PMMightyHive’s creative offering combined with DoubleClick’s advanced bidding algorithms create a potent combination that leads to more conversions at a lower price. After optimizing one campaign MightyHive was able to significantly increase traffic and conversions. Here’s an actual graph showing our process in action: