Service Tiers, Paths, & Training

MightyHive has designed its service tiers to handle the three primary needs of the programmatic marketer: Platform, Training, Service.

The platform direct option. Your team runs the strategy, campaign setup, optimization and reporting. MightyHive provides technical and basic platform support. Recommended for advanced digital agencies and experienced media buying firms.

Our most popular option. A dedicated account manager will train your team, help setup initial campaign strategy, and provide technical & strategic support. Recommended for most firms with limited experience in programmatic ad buying, but who want to learn quickly and manage their buys in-house.

A dedicated account manager will provide full outsourcing services to manage your programmatic buys. Recommended for agencies or advertisers that have limited resources to manage campaigns and want an outsourced option.

Choose your own path. We’re here to guide you.

Get started on the right tier, get your team up to speed quickly, and move to the tier that makes the most sense long term. Most marketers fit into one of the following growth paths. Where do you fit?

You know you want to bring media buying in-house, but you need to get campaigns started today. Let us do the hard work getting your campaigns off the ground. We train your team to take the platform direct option when they are ready. Campaigns can be up in as little as 24-48 hours.

Marketers who want hands on training but already have a media buying team. Let’s get them trained up and move you to self service in a way that makes sense for your team.

Marketers who want to evaluate if programmatic media buying is a strategic core competency. We are excited to move clients to their ideal long term organizational goals.

Sophisticated programmatic marketers who are growing their media footprint are welcome to sign on platform direct and get started immediately.

MightyHive is excited to be your internal Trading Desk. We can support your business in the same way you rely on your employees.


MightyHive is designed to build programmatic trading desk programs. MightyHive works with both new and sophisticated marketing organizations to fast track training and technical campaigns. We can help with platform usage, strategy discussion, staffing decisions and more.

The most frequent path we find is a marketer who has found success on closed inventory like Google’s Display Network (GDN on AdWords) or Facebook and wants to scale their success in those places to a much larger area. MightyHive will provide the training, templates, platforms, strategies, data and more to help accelerate the marketers growth into a platform with much larger reach; while avoiding all the pitfalls that can come with programmatic buying.

API Development

Need help integrating your advertising systems? Our engineering team is here to save the day.