Why MightyHive?

When Programmatic is the Solution.

As veterans of the ad tech industry, we came together in 2012 because we were uniquely positioned to see and to help clients find the solutions to the fundamental shifts beginning in advertising. The underlying technologies had outstripped advertisers’ and agencies’ capabilities to adapt, implement, and integrate, and there were major gaps holding back full-scale adoption of these massively powerful & disruptive changes:

1. Programmatic: A rapid decision-making methodology to efficiently manage digital advertising through the utilization of increasingly integrated data & technology.

2. In – House: Whether advertiser or agency, marketers increasingly wanted to take control of their media buying & creative design.

3. Cross-Platform: Coordinating media buys across platforms with synchronized creatives and messages to your audience will become the expectation as technology improves.

4. Differentiated Data & Inventory: Competitive advantage cannot be built on data & inventory available to all. Unlocking first-party data (both online & offline) and utilizing unique data & inventory sets (Google, Facebook, etc.) is the only path to sustained differentiation.

5. Consolidation: Unifying the many disparate programmatic technologies into a single full stack will be the expectation as the advantages to working with the same cookie pools, data fidelity and portability, and integration drastically improve operational efficiency, measurement, and performance.

In this new advertising world, who are the experts? Who integrates the solutions? Who simplifies & architects the increasingly complex advertising ecosystem? Who develops the tools needed to fully realize the efficiency & performance gains of these platforms? Who puts the advertiser first with transparent & flexible offerings?

We do.


The First Programmatic Solutions Partner