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Case Study: MightyHive Helps Sprint Shine a Light and Take Control

MightyHive’s deep programmatic expertise and advisory capabilities made them an easy choice. They’ve helped us gain the control, insights, and flexibility to be able to better meet the needs of our customers and our business as a whole. Our partnership has been instrumental to Sprint’s digital transformation and has far exceeded our expectations.

– Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer, Sprint

Digital Transformation in the Big Leagues

Sprint, the fourth-largest network operator in the United States, provides wireless services to over 50 million customers. As part of a massive digital transformation initiative, Sprint sought to uncover and eliminate superfluous fees, consolidate and control its data, and analyze and optimize its media investments for maximum results. Sprint turned to MightyHive to help reveal the true impact of its media investments, reducing overall ad spend while still increasing working media.

Sprint working media

Efficiency is Key

Before Sprint was able to more effectively activate its enormous wealth of customer data, it was crucial to establish transparency into the breakdown across Sprint’s digital advertising technology fees, data fees, and inventory costs. MightyHive worked directly with Sprint’s external vendors to identify opportunities to decrease tech and data fees and eliminate waste from audience over-saturation. These efficiencies allowed Sprint to reduce overall ad spend while still increasing working media.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

With transparent service models and media spend in place, Sprint was ready to run with its wealth of marketing data. MightyHive oversaw the consolidation of disparate data sources into in-house data lakes, allowing for significantly more granular segmentation and targeted programmatic campaigns. Sprint’s newfound laser focus on precise and meaningful audience segmentation helped Sprint realize increased efficiencies in its programmatic media spend and stronger campaign performance.

sprint conversions

And Then? Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

MightyHive’s approach to digital transformation yielded major results for Sprint, giving them more control over a newly transparent, efficient, and optimized media buying process. But Sprint didn’t stop there. In order to further capitalize on its new toolsets, they moved away from last-touch attribution to build a multi-touch attribution model. MightyHive then built a custom reporting solution that delivers real-time marketing data. Using these tools, the Sprint team can adjust its spend in real time to
address the needs of different customer segments.

The team of digital experts at MightyHive can help you take control, too. Please contact us to learn more.

MightyHive Helps Sprint
Shine a Light and Take Control

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Sprint Case Study

Case Study: Dynamic Creative Boosts Conversions for

MightyHive developed a suite of dynamic creatives and a more refined prospecting and re-targeting strategy. This resulted in a 5x increase in conversions and a 94% decrease in CPA.

Getting to Data-Driven Personalization

Consumers are demanding a more personalized ad experience. Yet, according to a recent Ascend2 study, 63% of marketers named data-driven personalization as the most difficult online tactic to execute.

However, successful data-driven marketing is especially important for retailers looking to increase conversions through targeted marketing campaigns.

Source: eMarketer

While important, many marketers don’t have resources to develop the necessary creatives or the right tools to optimize targeting based on customer data.

When approached MightyHive for help solving this challenge, MightyHive used a combination of dynamic creative and a fine-tuned targeting strategy. MightyHive helped streamline its creative strategy and optimize their programmatic execution.

Site Conversions Increase 5x

With only a handful of conversions recorded—and the holidays quickly approaching— enlisted MightyHive’s help to improve their digital strategy. After evaluating the existing assets and resources, MightyHive developed a suite of dynamic creatives and a more refined prospecting and re-targeting strategy that resulted in a 5x increase in conversions and a 94% decrease in CPA.

With MightyHive’s guidance, was able to shape a successful personalized digital marketing strategy, resulting in the highest performance the retailer had ever seen.

Dynamic Creative, Optimized By Data

“I feel a greater sense of partnership with MightyHive. Your team does an excellent job of trying to understand Yamaha’s goals and keep the conversation going. Working with MightyHive has helped Yamaha’s Customer Support Group take our digital advertising to a new level.”

– Ken Inamori,

MightyHive was able to reduce the creative requirements from 15 sets of static creative to a suite of dynamic creative shells with messaging that could be easily adjusted.

In addition to building dynamic creative that saved the team time and money, MightyHive worked with the brand team to identify and target new, in-market prospects and implemented Floodlight Tags for improved remarketing. As a result, was able to utilize customer insights collected from their website to personalize messaging. 

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Dynamic Creative Boosts Conversions

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Case Study: MightyHive Drives Conversions for Auto Agency Intice®

“Ultimately, this experiment with Optimize 360 helped us enhance the customer journey. The results will act as a catalyst to implement similar designs on other dealership websites. And we’ll be able to continuously improve upon those results in a way that we simply could not have done previously.”

-David Farmer,
CEO, Intice

Testing and optimization is an important part of any marketing strategy, but many marketers and agencies struggle to establish successful testing and optimization strategies. When Intice approached MightyHive for help optimizing their visitor engagement tool, Leadmaker, MightyHive worked to identify the right variables for testing with Google Optimize 360. Using Google Optimize 360 and drawing on MightyHive’s A/B testing experience, conversions increased 138% in just 18 days.



Intice is a digital agency that specializes in auto dealership marketing. Intice helps their dealership clients develop their digital presence and improve lead generation through a series of owned web engagement tools, including Leadmaker. Leadmaker is a pop-up alert that offers an incentive to visitors in exchange for filling out some information about their purchase intent as they enter or exit the dealership’s website.


image of ads with variations


Once MightyHive evaluated the Leadmaker architecture to determine variants for testing. MightyHive determined that there were color and text variations that could be tested on the pop-up. MightyHive created a handful of variants, which they tested over a period for 18 days.

After the test period, Intice and MightyHive calculated the results and the winning variation delivered a 138% increase in conversions. Additionally, Intice saw an increase in overall goal conversions and a decrease in the bounce rate. With the success of the first optimization campaign, Intice wants to apply MightyHive’s expertise to their other marketing products for better optimization. Intice is now ready to drive even more value for their clients and increase the success of their campaigns.

Want to see the full results of our Optimize 360 case study with Intice? Read the full case study hereReady to start optimizing your website with MightyHive? Please contact us.


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intice optimize 360 case study image preview

Case Study: Autodesk Takes Control With Dynamic Creative

When Autodesk revamped their flagship product line, they turned to MightyHive to streamline their creative production. The in-house team at Autodesk wanted to be able to efficiently manage their increased workflows with transparency into all of their active campaigns globally.

To achieve Autodesk’s goals, MightyHive built custom modular dynamic shells that linked to a content feed. This bespoke, integrated approach gave the team at Autodesk the ability to monitor all of their campaigns and quickly make updates.

Using the modular system, Autodesk could easily build the creatives they needed without having to contract individual creatives for each ad size, locality, and product line – a cost savings of $30,000 – $50,000 USD per production workflow.

The flexibility of a modular dynamic creative platform gave Autodesk the direct control they needed to successfully manage their campaigns. MightyHive’s expertise in building scalable creative solutions resulted in increased efficiency and significant cost savings, reducing the standalone creatives required for individual trafficking from 240 per workflow to just 12.

Read the full Autodesk case study here. For more information on how MightyHive can help you streamline your dynamic creative solution, please contact us.

Autodesk Takes Control
With Dynamic Creative

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Case Study: MightyHive Creative Solutions Puts Intice in the Driver’s Seat

“When we made the decision to migrate our creative feeds to Google Studio, MightyHive was instrumental in making this a reality. Their creative solutions team understood our complex data needs and quickly rebuilt our creatives. Thanks to MightyHive, Intice can now deliver more agility and performance to our clients.”

David Farmer
CEO, Intice

Unlocking the full potential of rich media and dynamic creative is critical to Intice’s success as a pioneer in the auto dealership retargeting space. Intice had been working with a third-party platform to manage their dynamic executions. However, without direct ownership of their technology solution, Intice found it challenging to quickly turnaround client requests and were missing out on inventory opportunities due to fast turnover.

When Intice approached MightyHive about migrating their dynamic creative executions, MightyHive wanted to build Intice a solution that would allow them full transparency and ownership over their technology. Not only did MightyHive give Intice the control that they needed, they did so in just one week.

With full control over their rich media and dynamic creative, Intice is able to better respond to their client requests and provide them with best-in-class service.

Having architected solutions for a roster of independent agency clients, the MightyHive creative solutions team understood the importance of creating agility for the team at Intice so they would be able to enhance their client’s experience. MightyHive was able to successfully implement a scalable solution that accounted for Intice’s short-term and long-term strategic goals.

To find out how MightyHive gave control back to the team at Intice, read the full case study.

To take control of your rich media and dynamic creative campaigns, please contact us.

MightyHive Creative Solutions
Puts Intice in the Driver’s Seat

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We tested whether ads.txt matters by following the money back to the source. Here’s what we found.

“Given that ads.txt reduces counterfeit inventory, and given that buying without an ads.txt compliance filter pollutes ad buys —especially video ad buys— with unacceptable levels of counterfeit inventory, marketers should demand that their DSP partners do more to support ads.txt-compliant buying.”

Nich Seo
Platforms Lead, MightyHive

Testing ads.txt in partnership with Guardian US and Google

Today MightyHive is announcing the results of a test we ran in partnership with Guardian US and Google to determine the effect that ads.txt has on reducing the amount of DSP spend siphoned off by counterfeit inventory sources on the open exchange. Counterfeit inventory is a major problem that results in the misdirection or outright theft of billions of dollars in advertiser spend every year.

In summary, our test found that:

  • Counterfeit inventory diverted 1% of ad spend for display inventory, and an alarming 72% of video spend went to counterfeit inventory sources.
  • Limiting open exchange buys to ads.txt-compliant sources eliminated counterfeit inventory from ad buys; Guardian US was able to account for 100% of the budget spent via ads.txt-compliant buys.
  • Buying without respect to ads.txt compliance resulted campaign spend being siphoned off by non-Guardian authorized inventory sources.

How Ads.txt Protects Marketers
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Tracing ad spend from the DSP back to Guardian US

MightyHive partnered with Guardian US and Google to jointly reconcile ad spend and we were able to trace the exact amount of ad spend lost when counterfeit inventory was allowed into the supply chain on the open exchange. This type of impression-by-impression reconciliation was highly illuminating, but requires careful setup and close partnership between media buyer and publisher.

MightyHive ran identical open auction ad buys on Guardian US via Google Display & Video 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager) and a second DSP. Display & Video 360 blocks unauthorized sources of inventory using ads.txt by default, whereas the second DSP lacked this capability and bid on inventory without respect to ads.txt compliance.

In addition, ad buys on each DSP were split between display and video inventory. This split revealed striking levels of counterfeit Guardian US inventory, and in particular video, with nearly three quarters of ad spend being intercepted by counterfeit sellers.

Test Results: Percent of spend going to legitimate sellers

Display & Video 360
(buying only ads.txt-compliant inventory)
100% 100%
Second DSP
(no ads.txt compliance filter)
99% 28%

In conclusion: ads.txt matters, and what marketers should do about it

This test between MightyHive, Guardian US, and Google demonstrated that when marketers buy programmatic media on the open exchange without respect to ads.txt compliance, their budgets run a serious risk of being misappropriated by sellers of counterfeit inventory.

Marketers can take four basic precautionary measures to mitigate this risk:

  1. Ask if your DSP is ads.txt compliant.
    If your DSP isn’t blocking unauthorized inventory sources by default, you may be wasting a significant amount of your media spend.
  2. Buy from publishers with ads.txt files.
    By posting a public ads.txt file, publishers are declaring the partners in the supply chain you can trust as representing their inventory. Without an ads.txt file, it’s difficult to ensure you’re buying valid inventory from the open exchange.
  3. Set up direct publisher deals.
    With ongoing innovation around setting up, managing, running, and optimizing direct deals programmatically within DSPs, this approach is well within reach as an alternative to buying media via open auction.
  4. Build relationships with your key publishers.
    Even in an age of increasing automation, marketers should develop relationships with key publishers. These relationships unlock benefits such as making analyses like MightyHive’s test with Guardian US possible.

If you have questions on how to ensure your media budgets are being spent on genuine inventory, please contact MightyHive.

Video: Caesars Entertainment on Partnering with MightyHive

“…this amazing success we’ve had in the digital media pillar for our company, we certainly wouldn’t be here without our partnership with MightyHive and Google.”

Taryn Proctor, Director of Advertising Strategy
Caesars Entertainment

At Google Marketing Live 2018, Taryn Proctor, Director of Advertising Strategy at Caesars Entertainment took the stage to highlight how Caesars has achieved success with partners MightyHive and Google.

Against the backdrop of a highly competitive leisure, gaming, and hospitality industry, Caesars has been able to achieve its strategic goals of better digital advertising performance (marketing as a growth engine), greater efficiency (doing more with less), and preparing for the future (building an agile architecture).

Marketing Independence

Specifically, Taryn called out in-house hands-on-keyboard capabilities as being a key driver of operational efficiencies for the Caesars team, making better use of the team’s time and resources. Caesars has also found success by taking closer ownership of audience segmentation and personalized ad creative with messaging and offers that are both relevant and helpful to customers.

Looking Toward the Future

Caesars is also investing in digital advertising infrastructure that brings site analytics (Analytics 360), media buying & targeting (Display & Video 360), dynamic creative, and advanced analysis tools like Google BigQuery together. This enables the Caesars team to take a deeper dive into their own data to identify distinct customer segments based on signals strongly tied to revenue, such as room price point and resort activities. The integrated ad stack enables the team to develop and test these customer segments in a seamless workflow.

MightyHive is proud to collaborate with a future-focused, data-driven brand like Caesars.