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VIDEO: Cloud Computing Drives Speed and Innovation for Mondelēz Advertising Campaigns


Two years ago, Mondelēz International set an ambitious but simple goal: Develop closer connections to the millions of people buying its snack products every day. But this vision of “Personalization at Scale” faced tremendous organizational and technical challenges. To achieve this, it meant:

  • Unlocking first-party data trapped in silos throughout its global organization.
  • Constructing a unified data architecture to store and organize all the data.
  • Accelerating the flow of valuable point of sale data from its retail partners — something many companies in the CPG category had tried before, and failed.


“A cloud is essential for marketers who want to combine advanced data sets and do higher order analytics.”

— Jonathan Halvorson, VP Global Media, Digital, and Data. Mondelēz International


Rewiring the Status Quo

For decades, CPG companies like Mondelēz waited weeks for access to valuable consumer sales data to come from their retail partners. Back when television and print advertising dominated, a time lag like this was less of a concern. However, with the rise of direct-to-consumer brands and the immediacy of digital advertising data, Mondelēz set out to build a digital bridge to its retail partners in order to eliminate the delay. 

Success depended on mastering emerging technology (like data clean rooms) and applying creative problem-solving. Mondelēz selected MightyHive to help bring cross-platform media data and offline sales data together in Google Cloud. By taking a cloud-based approach, large-scale data sets could be flexibly and securely brought together and standardized. Plus, Mondelēz would receive meaningful analytics quickly in order to optimize its digital advertising campaigns on the fly.


“The advantage that a Mondelēz can have over everyone else in our category is that we’ve done machine learning on better data longer.”

— Jonathan Halvorson, VP Global Media, Digital, and Data. Mondelēz International


Bold Thinking Rewarded

Mondelēz became the first company in its category to make a direct connection between online advertising and offline sales. MightyHive leveraged cloud computing to create a safe and powerful tool for Mondelēz and its business partners to perform advanced analytics in tandem. The actionable insights Mondelēz received had a significant impact on its advertising investment; especially for a global organization of its size and scope: 

  • ROI is up 20% for its U.S. advertising 
  • Global ROI is up 10%.

Juma Ventures: Linking Metrics to Mission


Nonprofits want their voices to be heard, but often face challenges in getting their message out there, especially through digital channels. Low marketing budgets, small marketing departments, and realistic goals for online initiatives are just some of the issues that can hinder a nonprofit’s digital success.

MightyHive and Juma Logos

When Juma Ventures, a local San Francisco organization that provides youth from underserved communities with job opportunities, training, and mentorship, needed to improve their digital strategy, MightyHive took on the challenge. Recognizing the unique challenges nonprofits face, MightyHive provided consultative help to combat these problems head-on. Check out the full success story here.   

Making Metrics Meaningful

Working together, MightyHive helped Juma reframe the conversation around digital metrics. As a nonprofit, traditional digital KPIs like revenue, CPA, and customer lifetime value aren’t necessarily well-suited as a measure of success. With programs designed to increase community engagement and donorship, KPIs that measure engagement are often more meaningful for nonprofits than measuring conversions.

Unlocking the Power of Social Media

Social campaigns can be particularly impactful for nonprofits. According to a 2016 study by Waggener Edstrom Worldwide and the Georgetown University Center for Social Impact Communication, “Digital Persuasion: How Social Media Motivates Action and Drives Support for Causes, 55% of respondents who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action including make a donation, attend an event, or volunteer. 

juma stats

By launching campaigns with smaller budgets across multiple channels to promote awareness, and testing different strategies, MightyHive and Juma developed best practices across each channel that are much more focused and more likely to engage Juma’s existing and future audiences.

Overall, even with smaller budgets, Juma has learned to craft strategies that work for their specific goals, and MightyHive is grateful to help a local organization work towards an inspiring mission.

Juma Ventures:
Linking Metrics to Mission

(click to read the full success story)

juma success story cover

Digiday: ‘We realized we could pull it off’: 2 years in, Bayer is on track to take all digital media buying in-house by 2020

Read the full article on Digiday.

As Bayer moves towards their goal of in-housing all digital media by the end of 2020, Josh Palau, VP of Media Strategy and Platforms spoke at Digiday’s Media Buying Summit about the progress they’ve made toward their goal and how they planned to take their digital media in-house.

“We didn’t say we were taking it in-house and then spend the next six months figuring out who we’d work with. No, we had everything in place. We had done all the groundwork. We realized we could pull it off because we had everything in place.”

Bayer turned to MightyHive as a partner to support their in-housing journey to support the Bayer team as they on-boarded their in-house team:

“Bayer contracted MightyHive to help with the transition with a plan to end that contract after the second year. Within that contract, an ‘attrition model,’ where MightyHive would take people off the Bayer business as Bayer built up its staff.”

More about Bayer’s in-housing journey:

Video: Belinda Smith of Electronic Arts Shares Her History of In-Housing, Recruiting Talent, and Instituting Change


Recently, MightyHive hosted its first In-House Alliance Dinner in San Francisco where the conversations centered around recruiting and building in-house programmatic teams. MightyHive President Americas, Emily Del Greco asked Electronic Arts’ Global Head of Media, Belinda Smith to share her experience as a change agent building teams at both AT&T and EA. Also in attendance at the dinner were senior marketers from Merck, Visa, Sprint, Electrolux, IHG, and others.

Belinda Smith, left, Global Head of Media, EA and Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive, speak at the inaugural MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner in San Francisco.

“I feel like I have seen advertising from all sides… and at each junction I was so frustrated by people not willing to admit the failures of the ecosystem.”

– Belinda Smith

Ultimately, Smith changed the culture of the companies she worked for. To do this, she moved teams halfway across the county, launched robust talent recruitment programs, and successfully campaigned for millions of budgetary dollars. But perhaps the biggest challenge was finding ways to blend agency culture with the deeply-rooted brand values.

“If I think about what I want to accomplish in my career, what’s going to be worth it to me to not be at home playing with my kid…then I really want to change the industry.”

– Belinda Smith

During the interview, Smith confessed she missed the variety an agency affords, but showed no signs of wanting to return. At EA, Smith recognizes that she is in a place where she can make the most impact.

Smith and Del Greco spoke about building in-house teams in front of an audience at the MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner.

“When you are at an agency… your client being happy is what is sustaining you. That creates an inherent conflict of interest when you have bad news to tell them…so for me, I am fulfilled by the fact that I am in a position to have the mandate to be audacious and to challenge what is going on and to think about how we do things differently.”

– Belinda Smith

Digiday: Bayer Saved At Least $10 Million After Taking Programmatic In-House

MightyHive is partnering with Bayer to help their team bring all of their digital media in-house by the end of 2020, which has resulted in reduced costs and increased ownership:

“Bayer was able to reduce its programmatic buying costs by $10 to $11 million within the first six weeks, according to Paul Gelb, Head of Programmatic and social at Bayer while speaking at the Digiday Programmatic Summit in Austin.”

As part of the presentation at the Digiday Programmatic Summit, Paul Gelb also addressed how Bayer is approaching programmatic talent and recruitment for their in-house agency.

Read the full article on Digiday.

More about Bayer’s in-housing journey:

Case Study: MightyHive Helps Sprint Shine a Light and Take Control

MightyHive’s deep programmatic expertise and advisory capabilities made them an easy choice. They’ve helped us gain the control, insights, and flexibility to be able to better meet the needs of our customers and our business as a whole. Our partnership has been instrumental to Sprint’s digital transformation and has far exceeded our expectations.

– Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer, Sprint

Digital Transformation in the Big Leagues

Sprint, the fourth-largest network operator in the United States, provides wireless services to over 50 million customers. As part of a massive digital transformation initiative, Sprint sought to uncover and eliminate superfluous fees, consolidate and control its data, and analyze and optimize its media investments for maximum results. Sprint turned to MightyHive to help reveal the true impact of its media investments, reducing overall ad spend while still increasing working media.

Sprint working media

Efficiency is Key

Before Sprint was able to more effectively activate its enormous wealth of customer data, it was crucial to establish transparency into the breakdown across Sprint’s digital advertising technology fees, data fees, and inventory costs. MightyHive worked directly with Sprint’s external vendors to identify opportunities to decrease tech and data fees and eliminate waste from audience over-saturation. These efficiencies allowed Sprint to reduce overall ad spend while still increasing working media.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

With transparent service models and media spend in place, Sprint was ready to run with its wealth of marketing data. MightyHive oversaw the consolidation of disparate data sources into in-house data lakes, allowing for significantly more granular segmentation and targeted programmatic campaigns. Sprint’s newfound laser focus on precise and meaningful audience segmentation helped Sprint realize increased efficiencies in its programmatic media spend and stronger campaign performance.

sprint conversions

And Then? Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

MightyHive’s approach to digital transformation yielded major results for Sprint, giving them more control over a newly transparent, efficient, and optimized media buying process. But Sprint didn’t stop there. In order to further capitalize on its new toolsets, they moved away from last-touch attribution to build a multi-touch attribution model. MightyHive then built a custom reporting solution that delivers real-time marketing data. Using these tools, the Sprint team can adjust its spend in real time to
address the needs of different customer segments.

The team of digital experts at MightyHive can help you take control, too. Please contact us to learn more.

MightyHive Helps Sprint
Shine a Light and Take Control

(click to read the full case study)

Sprint Case Study

BusinessWire: Cheddar Selects MightyHive for Programmatic Advertising – Press Release

Read the full release on BusinessWire.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cheddar, the leading post cable networks company today announced that it has selected MightyHive as its partner for programmatic advertising services.

Cheddar has tapped MightyHive to extend the reach and impact of select client campaigns programmatically. Cheddar will also partner with MightyHive to implement and leverage Google Analytics 360 for full end-to-end performance tracking across web, mobile, and connected TV.

“Cheddar is a leader and, in some ways, unique in over the top video news broadcasts. Their ad offering is innovative, and advertisers are clearly responding. We are thrilled to be working with Jon and Cheddar,” said Martin Sorrell, Chairman of S4 Capital.

“Several of our clients asked us to extend the campaigns we were doing for them across the web. We saw an opportunity, need, and in MightyHive, a solution to do and measure this,” said Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of Cheddar.

About Cheddar

Cheddar is the leading post-cable networks company. Its programming is available on Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, Snapchat, fuboTV, Philo, Amazon, Twitch, Twitter, 60% of smart TVs in the U.S., and Facebook. Cheddar currently broadcasts two live video news networks: Cheddar, a business news network covering the most innovative executives, founders, products, and technologies transforming our lives and economy, and Cheddar Big News, a fast-paced, young, non-partisan general news and headline news network. The company broadcasts from the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, its street level studio in the glass corner of the Sprint Store in the Flatiron Building, WeWork in Los Angeles, and the White House. Cheddar was founded by Jon Steinberg, President and Chief Operating Officer of BuzzFeed from 2010 to 2014. Its investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners, Raine Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Global, Comcast Ventures, AT&T, Amazon, Antenna Group, Ribbit Capital, The New York Stock Exchange, Altice USA, 7 Global Capital, and Dentsu Ventures.

About MightyHive

MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of significant disruption and opportunity. Recognized as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and services in the areas of media operations and training, data strategy, and analytics. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, London, Toronto, Singapore, Stockholm, and Sydney.

About S4 Capital

S4 Capital plc (SFOR.L) is a new age/new era digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell in 2018.

Its strategy is to build a purely digital advertising and marketing services business for global, multi-national, regional, local and millennial-driven influencer brands. This will be achieved initially by merging with leading businesses in three areas: digital content, digital media planning and buying and first party data, along with an emphasis on “faster, better, cheaper” executions in an always-on consumer-led environment.

S4 Capital merged with MediaMonks, a creative digital content production company led by Victor Knaap, Wesley ter Haar and Peter Rademaker, in July 2018, and with MightyHive, a market-leading programmatic solutions provider for future thinking marketers and agencies led by Pete Kim and Christopher S. Martin, in December 2018. Victor, Wesley, Peter, Pete and Christopher all joined the S4Capital Board as Directors.

The company (SFOR.L) has a market capitalization of approximately $550 million and approximately 1,200 people across North and South America, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific.


Daniel Schneider

Digiday: Inside MightyHive, The Agency Helping Brands Create In-House Agencies

Digiday takes a deep dive into MightyHive’s services and solutions. MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim, explains our approach to in-housing and why that has resonated with brands like Bayer, Sprint, and Nationwide.

“[Pete Kim said] Companies are in need of flexibility when it comes to moving media in-house and, therefore, [MightyHive] doesn’t have one way it works with clients. Deals are constructed on a case-to-case basis, and offerings vary from strategy consulting to media buying execution to training.”

MightyHive helps brands take control of their digital futures by providing guidance and training as they move their media buying in-house. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to in-housing and MightyHive creates custom activations for each client, depending on their individual needs. Ultimately, MightyHive helps brands own their digital strategies and help train the right talent to get to self-sufficiency. As Josh Palau, VP of Digital Strategy for Bayer said,

“We wanted to work with MightyHive because of their experience with getting people to self-sufficiency.”

Additionally, Sprint engaged MightyHive as a partner for the same reason, the appeal of total ownership and self-sufficiency. Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer at Sprint said of working with MightyHive,

“We’ve seen results better than expected, and those have continued to grow. It’s almost like jumping off the high dive—you’re a little bit nervous, but you know when you land, it’s not going to hurt. [MightyHive] gave us the right to move quicker than we thought we would be ready for. That’s been the ultimate luxury for us.”

MightyHive believes there is a spectrum of control when it comes to in-housing, and marketers must determine where they fall based on their own goals and resources. We are fortunate to partner with forward-thinking brands like Sprint, Bayer, and Nationwide on their in-housing strategies.

If you are interested in learning more about MightyHive and how we can help you take your media buying in-house, please contact us.

Case Study: Dynamic Creative Boosts Conversions for

MightyHive developed a suite of dynamic creatives and a more refined prospecting and re-targeting strategy. This resulted in a 5x increase in conversions and a 94% decrease in CPA.

Getting to Data-Driven Personalization

Consumers are demanding a more personalized ad experience. Yet, according to a recent Ascend2 study, 63% of marketers named data-driven personalization as the most difficult online tactic to execute.

However, successful data-driven marketing is especially important for retailers looking to increase conversions through targeted marketing campaigns.

Source: eMarketer

While important, many marketers don’t have resources to develop the necessary creatives or the right tools to optimize targeting based on customer data.

When approached MightyHive for help solving this challenge, MightyHive used a combination of dynamic creative and a fine-tuned targeting strategy. MightyHive helped streamline its creative strategy and optimize their programmatic execution.

Site Conversions Increase 5x

With only a handful of conversions recorded—and the holidays quickly approaching— enlisted MightyHive’s help to improve their digital strategy. After evaluating the existing assets and resources, MightyHive developed a suite of dynamic creatives and a more refined prospecting and re-targeting strategy that resulted in a 5x increase in conversions and a 94% decrease in CPA.

With MightyHive’s guidance, was able to shape a successful personalized digital marketing strategy, resulting in the highest performance the retailer had ever seen.

Dynamic Creative, Optimized By Data

“I feel a greater sense of partnership with MightyHive. Your team does an excellent job of trying to understand Yamaha’s goals and keep the conversation going. Working with MightyHive has helped Yamaha’s Customer Support Group take our digital advertising to a new level.”

– Ken Inamori,

MightyHive was able to reduce the creative requirements from 15 sets of static creative to a suite of dynamic creative shells with messaging that could be easily adjusted.

In addition to building dynamic creative that saved the team time and money, MightyHive worked with the brand team to identify and target new, in-market prospects and implemented Floodlight Tags for improved remarketing. As a result, was able to utilize customer insights collected from their website to personalize messaging. 

Read the Full Case Study

Want to read the full results of our partnership with Download your copy here.

Dynamic Creative Boosts Conversions

(click to read the full case study)

Let’s Talk

Interested in learning how MightyHive can optimize your digital marketing with dynamic creative and personalized retargeting? 



Digiday: By 2020, Bayer Will Take All of Its Digital Media Buying In-House

Bayer plans to in-house all digital media buying by 2020. Josh Palau, VP Digital Strategy and Platforms at Bayer told Digiday that the goal is for the brand to be completely self-sufficient and have the in-house transition completed by 2020.

In order to meet their goals, the team at Bayer wanted to work with a strategic partner to help them successfully navigate the insourcing process. MightyHive will work with Bayer on executing their media buys while Bayer scales up its team and sets its strategy.

“Palau said Bayer was attracted to using a transition agency like MightyHive because it allows the company to avoid a lot of the growing pains when it comes to bringing media in-house. Unlike other agencies, MightyHive promises that a company will be self-sufficient after a dedicated time period.”

We are thrilled to be working with forward-thinking marketers like Bayer. You can read the full article on Digiday.

To learn more about MightyHive’s enterprise in-housing capabilities, please contact us.