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WEBINAR: Data Quality Nightmares with Julien Coquet

Data Quality Nightmares

On May 14, Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive, joined Live with MightyHive to share ghoulish tales of data mismanagement and how they could have been avoided. Coquet recounted one agency that copied and pasted tracking tags, an e-commerce site without any inventory management, and he discussed how to address the zombie martech tags that can swarm a brand’s website. 

“Be mindful of what kind of data you collect. Just because you can collect it, doesn’t mean you should….You can do amazing things with data, but if your data is rotten to begin with then you are not going to get far.”

— Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive

The stories are cautionary tales for teams working to establish data governance and data hygiene standards. In this episode you will learn: 

  • Best practices and procedures for improving data governance.
  • How to manage your martech stack.
  • Why careful data collection comprises the foundation for meaningful analytics, insights, and reporting.

Scroll down to watch the video and view the slides from this “Live with MightyHive” episode below.

Coming Up Next

And coming up on Tuesday, May 19 at 11:00am EST is A Programmatic Buyer’s Look at the ISBA Report’s “Unknown Delta” with MightyHive Head of Media Activation US, Rachel Adams. Together with Senior Director of Marketing Myles Younger, she will examine the ISBA report’s findings and highlight supply chain optimization strategies that improve transparency for marketers. 

live with mightyhive

Check out MightyHive CEO Pete Kim’s thoughts on the ISBA report here: Marketers Deserve Better.

Get the Video

Watch Episode 2: Data Quality Nightmares, with Julien Coquet, and view the slides below.

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Event: Think With Google Transform Stockholm

The Think with Google Transform event in Stockholm, Sweden will gather about 250 C-level and senior marketers from top regional advertisers and partners to discuss how digital marketing can transform businesses.

S4Capital Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell and MightyHive CEO Pete Kim will sit down with Google Partner Manager Emma Magnuson for the session, Fireside Chat: What is the outlook for the industry? 

Consumer expectations are higher than ever, and as such, the future of marketing is all about delivering relevant, useful and assistive experiences. To benefit from this opportunity, businesses need to develop and implement a road map to digital maturity.

Transform attendees will hear from brands and industry experts to understand how and why improving digital maturity positively impacts business results. The event will explore the latest developments in the future of marketing to provide actionable takeaways for advertising more effectively today.

Session Information

Fireside chat: What is the outlook for the industry?
March 10, 2020 | 14:05 – 15:05 p.m.


Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman, S4Capital Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive Emma Magnuson, Partner Manager, Google
Sir Martin Sorrell
Executive Chairman
Pete Kim
Emma Magnuson
Partner Manager

Interview MightyHive Leadership

Interested in learning more about S4Capital and MightyHive from its leadership as the company continues its pan-European expansion?

While our executives are in the region for the event, coordinate an interview by emailing

  • Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman, S4Capital
  • Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

Event Information


Hotel At Six
Brunkebergstorg 6, 111 51
Stockholm, Sweden


Tuesday, March 10, 2020
11:30 a.m. – 16:00 p.m.

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Download the Slide Deck and Video that Explain Data Clean Rooms

Meet Your New Best Friend: the Data Clean Room

Recently I had the privilege of delivering a packed session at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in New York. The session, titled “Meet Your New Best Friend: the Data Clean Room,” quickly brought marketers up to speed on:

  • What data clean rooms are
  • How they work
  • How they’ll help bridge the gap between user privacy and marketing insights

There was a lot of demand for the slides following the session! So we’ve packaged up the PowerPoint deck and the complete session video and made them available for download. Marketers, media buyers, and tech platforms are all looking for practical solutions to preserve measurement and insights in a privacy-first era. This deck offers an overview of data clean rooms that are available now (e.g., Ads Data Hub) as well as what might be coming next.


A few sample slides from “Meet Your New Best Friend: the Data Clean Room.”

Get up to speed on data clean rooms in under 30 minutes

Here’s a highlights reel of what the session covers in about 25 minutes and 44 slides:

  • How data clean rooms maintain privacy by being a “Switzerland” for data
  • An overview of Google’s Ads Data Hub, the best-documented data clean room
  • A look at Amazon’s purported clean room solution
  • Why Facebook’s data clean room should be called the “Keyser Söze of ad tech”
  • What strategic partnerships like Target + Disney might have to do with data clean rooms


Video: Belinda Smith of Electronic Arts Shares Her History of In-Housing, Recruiting Talent, and Instituting Change


Recently, MightyHive hosted its first In-House Alliance Dinner in San Francisco where the conversations centered around recruiting and building in-house programmatic teams. MightyHive President Americas, Emily Del Greco asked Electronic Arts’ Global Head of Media, Belinda Smith to share her experience as a change agent building teams at both AT&T and EA. Also in attendance at the dinner were senior marketers from Merck, Visa, Sprint, Electrolux, IHG, and others.

Belinda Smith, left, Global Head of Media, EA and Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive, speak at the inaugural MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner in San Francisco.

“I feel like I have seen advertising from all sides… and at each junction I was so frustrated by people not willing to admit the failures of the ecosystem.”

– Belinda Smith

Ultimately, Smith changed the culture of the companies she worked for. To do this, she moved teams halfway across the county, launched robust talent recruitment programs, and successfully campaigned for millions of budgetary dollars. But perhaps the biggest challenge was finding ways to blend agency culture with the deeply-rooted brand values.

“If I think about what I want to accomplish in my career, what’s going to be worth it to me to not be at home playing with my kid…then I really want to change the industry.”

– Belinda Smith

During the interview, Smith confessed she missed the variety an agency affords, but showed no signs of wanting to return. At EA, Smith recognizes that she is in a place where she can make the most impact.

Smith and Del Greco spoke about building in-house teams in front of an audience at the MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner.

“When you are at an agency… your client being happy is what is sustaining you. That creates an inherent conflict of interest when you have bad news to tell them…so for me, I am fulfilled by the fact that I am in a position to have the mandate to be audacious and to challenge what is going on and to think about how we do things differently.”

– Belinda Smith

Google Marketing Live: Takeaways from MightyHive Canada


The MightyHive team was thrilled to attend this year’s Google Marketing Live. It was an exciting event with some important announcements. We want to pass these on, as well as our thoughts regarding the highlights of this annual event.

What is Google Marketing Live?

Google hosts Google Marketing Live every year. Marketers attend to get industry updates, engage directly with product specialists and engineers, break out into industry-specific tracks (automotive, travel, telco, and retail), and do a bit of networking. The conference is also a great indicator of where Google is going next.

Themes Leading up to the Conference

Recently, a number of major changes have impacted the digital marketing industry. Privacy and regulations in the EU (GDPR), as well as the Consumer Privacy Act in California, are top of mind as marketers anxiously await the fate of third-party data and other privacy considerations. These changes, along with the likelihood that Amazon has begun siphoning Google’s search revenue, Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) prompting all major browsers to adopt stricter privacy controls that limit cookie use, and the prevention of YouTube third-party tracking in the EU, have negatively impacted Google’s growth rate. The outcome has caused them to focus on a variety of new developments that they expect will pay dividends in the long run.

At Google Marketing Live in 2018, Google touted a narrative around their ability to predict intent, as opposed to simply respond to it. It was the culmination of some very interesting changes over the previous year and a response to fast-rising competitors Facebook and Amazon. Google, a business built upon the foundation of search and last touch attribution, has since transformed into one that centers around data-driven/multi-touch attribution and around valuing the upper funnel. With search budgets nearly saturated in many markets, there is room for growth in other channels. Google recognizes that advertisers need to focus on getting ahead of the consumer – a value proposition that Facebook and Amazon are not yet equipped to deliver against nearly as well.

Source: Google

Key Themes at GML 2019

2019’s keynote built upon the themes from 2018. Google began by announcing new products and opportunities that Google is “uniquely positioned” to deliver against (attendees will have heard that phrase a lot, and for good reason). Google’s cross-device, unified tech stack provides the best understanding of advertising investment (Facebook and Amazon don’t compete holistically in this space yet).

In fact, if you want the critically important fusion of your marketing data with your business data, you’ll need to do your analysis within Google’s stack (take advantage of Ads Data Hub, a Google product that was built with privacy regulation in mind to analyze your media at a granular level). Amazon and Microsoft have long been the dominant players in the data storage space, but with exclusive data analysis opportunities available through Google, marketers can equip themselves with data capabilities to edge out the competition. This is also a critical move for Google as they look to diversify their revenue streams outside of advertising.

Predicting Intent is Google’s Advantage

The ability to predict intent that Google brings to bear is unique from Amazon and Facebook – the suggestion is that your search and web behaviour are still the most powerful predictors of intent. Google will deliver on this predictive intent with new ad formats called Discovery Ads that serve based on said intent, but without having to initiate a search. Competitor Amazon has an immense amount of e-commerce data, but lacks key points in the customer journey that Google has visibility into via platforms like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google’s dominant position on buy-side and sell-side adtech and inventory. While Facebook has immense amounts of declared data, as well as some behavioural data, in theory Google should still have the advantage. Google has recognized that the social platforms are doing something well to capture time and attention though, through their social feeds. That’s why their newly announced Discover Ads will be capable of delivering ads without the need for a search query, directly in your brand new (quite smart and useful) Google feed.

topic feed

Source: Google

Google’s Response to E-Commerce 

And shopping… Shop direct from the Google SERPs, from Google Images, from YouTube and more with embedded products. Either checkout online or pick up in your local store (coming soon), Google Shopping is already live in some markets and coming to the US soon. Will this new multichannel shopping experience across Google gain enough traction with brands? There will be some barriers to entry and Google is recommending onboarding partners to help brands get there quicker.

Going Local

Finally, there was a lot of buzz around announcements for Local Campaigns. Considering the vast amount of location data collected by Google, its scale and accuracy, privacy-sensitive methodology, the ability to attribute search and display to in-store visits, data analysis capabilities in Google Analytics 360… There are a lot of reasons to be excited about what Google is doing in the location data space. While there are a number of alternative solutions for local attribution and targeting, Google solutions provide exclusive and significant value.

local ad

Source: Google

Programmatic Linear TV?

Last but most definitely not least is the exciting announcement on programmatic linear TV. At GML 2018, there was a lot of buzz around the prospect of buying linear TV through programmatic pipes, and we were promised a Google solution through the DSP. For Google, building the pipes to transact is easy, but on-boarding publisher inventory and attribution is more difficult.

This year, Google shared examples of programmatic linear TV buying across major US networks, marking a substantial step forward. By this fall, Google will be rolling out a section in DV360 dedicated to TV. This should also enable simplified buying of Connected TV (CTV), which is not linear TV but still served on the big screen.

All of the early movers and shakers in programmatic TV here in Canada and globally have talked about the day that linear TV buying and attribution become part of analytics dashboards and digital workflow tools that we currently use. We are still in the nascent stage, but we are keeping an eye on how this progresses.

While functionality is coming to DV360 soon, linear programmatic may be a bit further off in Canada than in the US. That said, there should still be a number of CTV options available in Canada through DV360, so you can still reach your audience programmatically in their living room.

Please check out the embedded links above or the official Google Ads Announcements page or the Google Marketing Platform Blog for more information on each topic.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of your MightyHive Canada team members at

The Fusion of Creative, Media, and Technology

Watch “The Fusion of Creative, Media, and Technology” (page opens in a new window)

At AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in San Francisco, MightyHive CEO Pete Kim took the stage to discuss the need for advertisers to adopt a unitary approach to their creative, media, and tech. Advertisers who fail to do so risk missing crucial opportunities to hold meaningful conversations with today’s ultra-savvy consumer.

Got Creative?

Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman and Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, implied in a 2018 AdWeek Op-Ed that technology debases creativity in advertising. Goodby suggests that using data and tech to inform programmatic media buys amounts to nothing more than “targeting and tonnage,” eliminating good creative altogether. He asserts that this model produces an expensive and ineffective structure for advertisers, and an unpleasant experience for consumers.

In his Programmatic I/O talk, however, Pete paints a very different picture of how data and tech actually work together to elevate creative. In fact, Pete says, not only does this model yield more relevant, dynamic creative, but it does so at scale and in a constant optimization loop, so it always gets better. 

creative big idea

The Big Idea

While there has been an undeniable sea change in the industry leading to major digital disruption, one thing hasn’t changed: great advertising still requires “the big idea.” But the machinations behind producing and disseminating creative to consumers continues to evolve.

“We believe that technology doesn’t debase creativity; if used correctly, it elevates it. We are all really different people… that’s why personalization is necessary.”

– Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

In the past, technological limitations required advertisers to generate one message, and “broadly cast” it to all consumers. Now, it’s possible to personalize creative and target consumers based on their demographics, preferences, and other criteria. In addition, we’re able to create, test, and iterate upon these creatives in near real-time.

Personalization is the New Table Stakes

For the first time in history, consumers can watch, read, and listen to anything they want at any given time. This new on-demand, cross-screen culture has raised the bar for advertisers to meet the quality of the entertainment their content is interrupting. Unfortunately for advertisers, this expectation for perfection and relevance across all media means that consumer sentiment around advertising has never been lower–and a one size fits all approach is unacceptable.

creative many to many

The Battle of the Good Idea

On creative teams past, there was a “gladiatorial” fight to determine which big idea actually got produced and saw the light of day. That one idea then became the basis for a static, inflexible campaign lasting weeks, or even months (in some cases years!). Now, Pete says, marketers are no longer “locked into” one creative (e.g., one commercial, one print ad, one radio ad) that gets produced and is written in stone until the campaign’s end. Granular targeting and creative optimization capabilities give advertisers the iterative flexibility to deliver the right message to the right consumer, on an ongoing basis.

What’s Next?

Because this creative, data, and technology loop is relatively new, we are just at the beginning of recognizing its true power. According to Pete, the next change is a mindset shift to catch up to our newfound technological capabilities. In addition to learning how best to leverage dynamic creative optimization and programmatic tools, we need to adapt our mindsets to suit the new ways consumers interact with media. creative mindset

Better, Faster, Cheaper

In order for advertisers to get their story across in a way that resonates, it’s crucial to move away from giant, costly campaigns once or twice a year to a constant conversation model. Dynamic creative and programmatic technology allows advertisers to have not just one, but millions of simultaneous, personalized conversations in real time.

“If you are only updating your campaigns a few times a year, it’s like having a conversation with somebody who always says the wrong thing, and takes months before they respond to what you just said.”

– Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

Watch Pete Kim’s full “The Fusion of Creative, Media, and Technology” session for further insights about unleashing creativity at scale.  

AdExchanger Awards: Best Programmatic Consultancy

MightyHive for the AdExchanger Awards Win

This year’s inaugural AdExchanger Awards recognizes the strongest marketing and media achievements in the industry. AdExchanger’s community of marketers, publishers, technology platforms, service providers, and others came together to identify the companies and individuals who are making a major impact on marketing and ad tech. And we’re thrilled to announce that MightyHive is a finalist for “Best Programmatic Consultancy!” The winners will be announced at a Gala celebration on Monday, April 29, immediately following Programmatic I/O Day 1.

awards badge

MightyHive’s combination of full transparency, technical expertise, and exceptional service has set the bar for consultancies in the programmatic and data transformation space. As one of the first companies working with marketers to bring their programmatic operations in-house, MightyHive is now one of the most experienced and skillful consultancies in the space.

“We broke the mold, building a model that gives marketers more control within their organization, instead of assuming expertise can only live with a service provider or agency. We apply the same philosophy to our internal teams, hiring fresh talent and training them in-house to be programmatic experts. This method allows us to build creative solutions to complex ad tech and operational challenges, which means exceptional results for our clients.”

– Tyler Pietz, VP Global Consulting, MightyHive

Speaking of Our Clients…  

We extend our warmest congratulations to our clients: Bayer, recognized for “Best In-House Media Operation,” and Sprint, a finalist in the “Best Use Of Programmatic Technology By A Marketer” category. We are proud to work with best-in-class marketers to help them take control of their programmatic operations.   

Where to Find Us

MightyHive is the title sponsor of AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O San Francisco. Catch MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim and Wesley ter Haar, Founder & COO, MediaMonks, on the Plenary Program stage to address The Fusion Of Creative, Media And Tech.

Don’t be shy! Stop by the MightyHive table to learn more about how we’re helping leading brands take control, or contact to set up a meeting. You’ll also find us unwinding over cocktails as we host the Programmatic I/O Welcome Party on Day 1 and Day 2 Happy Hour. If you’re a night owl, join us for our post-gala AdExchanger Awards After Party.

Interested in In-Housing?

Request your invitation to the MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner on April 30, 2019 to discuss all things in-housing with your fellow marketers. We’ll hear from Belinda Smith, Global Head of Media, EA, about one of the biggest challenges facing in-house marketers: talent — how to hire, how to retain, and how to organize your team to take control and fast-track results. Participation is complimentary for qualified senior marketers.

Event: Programmatic I/O in San Francisco

Join MightyHive at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O San Francisco, the largest industry conference focused on programmatic media and marketing where MightyHive is the title sponsor.

MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim will address The Fusion Of Creative, Media And Tech on the Plenary Program stage. Be sure to add his session to your calendar!

The Fusion Of Creative, Media And Tech

April 30, 2019 | 9:45 AM PST

Digital disruption has upended traditional models in the media world and triggered a reimagining of how marketers connect with customers. Pete Kim, co-founder and CEO of MightyHive, will discuss the barriers that are holding marketers back from delivering great experiences, lay out a vision of how media and creative will come together, and propose a new model for marketers seeking to connect with customers in an era that demands relevance and responsiveness.

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We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ve been named an AdExchanger Awards finalist for “Best Programmatic Consulting Or Advisory Firm!” The AdExchanger Awards recognize the strongest achievements in the past year by leaders in the marketing and media industries. Congratulations to our client Sprint, a finalist for “Best Use Of Programmatic Technology By A Marketer.”

An In-Housing Deep Dive

Interested in making the most of your trip to San Francisco for Programmatic I/O? Request your invitation to the MightyHive In-House Alliance Dinner on April 30, 2019 at Birdsong to discuss all things in-housing. We’ll be chatting with Belinda Smith, Global Head of Media, EA, about one of the biggest challenges facing in-house marketers: talent — how to hire, how to retain, and how to organize your team to take control and fast-track results. Participation is complimentary for qualified senior marketers. 

Event: ANA In-House Agency Conference

The MightyHive team is thrilled to be attending the sold out ANA In-House Agency Conference. MightyHive CEO Pete Kim will be joined by Josh Palau, VP Media Strategy and Platforms at Bayer to deliver a pre-conference session on Paving the Path to In-Housing Success.

Other speakers from PwC, Nationwide, Verizon, Clorox, GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America, and more will discuss topics like driving cost efficiencies, project prioritization, building a strong culture and fostering talent, and the future of in-house agencies.

Paving the Path to In-Housing Success

March 13, 2019 | 3:45 PM EST

The decision to go in-house should not be taken lightly, nor is a 100% in-house model right for every organization. Marketers who jump in without building a thorough business case for change are likely to struggle; a smooth transition requires planning, prioritization, and patience. In this session, Bayer and MightyHive will break down the organizational choices that, when examined preemptively and thoughtfully, will pave the path to in-housing success. We’ll consider how to decide what to bring in-house, cost calculations, managing expectations, partner selection, hybrid resourcing models, and more.

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Meet the Team

Interested in learning more about how you can take control of your digital future? Schedule a time to meet with the MightyHive team onsite by emailing We look forward to seeing you there!

See What Makes Confident Marketers Tick

If you’ll be onsite, be sure to visit the MightyHive table to get a cozy gift and a first look at our new report: The Data-Confident Marketer. We partnered with Advertiser Perceptions to survey 200 marketing decision-makers to find out what makes data-confident brands tick. Pick up our report to see how you measure up.

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Wednesday, March 13 – Friday, March 15, 2019

Event: Attribution Solutions – How to be a Hero when Attribution Models Fall Short

Let’s Play the Attribution Game

Attribution is an integral component of any successful marketing plan. It’s crucial to understand what’s working (and what’s not), and continuously optimize based on data-driven learnings. As we find more reliable ways to understand what impact a given channel had on producing a conversion, marketers are moving away from last click and fractional models that only tell part of the story. But what happens when even multi-touch attribution doesn’t cut it? And how can brands form a more complete attribution picture between digital and offline channels?

attribution solutions

Join Us!

RSVP here to join MightyHive subject matter experts for a timely conversation about how to bridge gaps left by even robust attribution models. We’ll discuss tracking limitations, how to tackle walled gardens, and new tactics for quantifying success across disparate metrics. You’ll come away with actionable insights that will make you an attribution hero.

Plus, complimentary pizza, cocktails, and gifts will be provided.

Where: MightyHive New York, 43 W. 24th Street, 6th Floor (between 5th and 6th)

When: Thursday, January 17, 6:30-8:30pm

Dress Code: Casual. Wear your networking pants. Bring your business cards. Don’t be shy!

You: An inquisitive mind. An experienced, hands-on-keyboard ad tech enthusiast. Someone interested in connecting with others to geek out about new technology over pizza and drinks instead of binging on Netflix after work.

Us: MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of significant disruption. We provide consulting and services in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, media operations, training, data strategy, and analytics. And we’re hiring, big time.

Whether you’re looking for your next career move, you want to expand your skillset, or you just like to chat with like-minded industry folks, we hope you’ll stop by.