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Event: C Space at CES


Join MightyHive at C Space at CES where you’ll experience the latest technologies related to advertising and marketing analytics and hear from CMOs about data-driven marketing and measurement.

Don’t miss MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim on a panel alongside Sir Martin Sorrell and MediaMonks Co-Founder, Wesley ter Haaron. They will be discussing the intersection of content, first-party data, and media.

Additionally, MightyHive President of the Americas, Emily Del Greco will be moderating the panel “The Resurgence of Marketing Technology.”


Digital content, first-party data and digital media planning and buying.  A discussion between Sir Martin Sorrell and his colleagues at S4Capital, MediaMonks and MightyHive on their new era/new age seamless, faster, better, and cheaper solution.

pete kim mightyhive CEO

Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman, S4 Capital
Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive
Wesley ter Haar, Co-Founder, MediaMonks

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January 8, 2019 | 12:45 – 1:30 PM | Aria, Level 2, Mariposa Ballroom


Last year, the duopoly’s market share wrote off ad tech. Today, the industry realizes ad tech isn’t dead; it just carried dead weight. This session debates market drivers, different players’ contributions to the value chain and how technologies like blockchain are ushering in tomorrow’s experiences.


Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive

Bill Magnuson, Co-Founder and CEO, Braze
Oded Noy, Chief Technology Officer, Zefr
Kristin Frank, President and Board Director, AdPredictive
Serge Matta, President, GroundTruth
Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal

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January 8, 2019 | 10:15 – 11:15 AM | Aria, Level 1, Joshua 9

Video: Five Factors to Consider When Going In-House

Watch “The Spectrum of Control” (page opens in a new window)

At AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O in New York, MightyHive CEO Pete Kim took the stage to offer guidance to marketers looking to go in-house. His presentation addressed five factors marketers should consider when evaluating where they fall on the Spectrum of Control—a framework for in-housing—along with actionable next steps.

A Fundamental Shift

Pete highlights the fundamental shift that we are seeing in consumer viewership and media consumption habits where attention is a commodity:

“Consumers today can watch anything they want, listen to anything they want, read anything they want, consume any media that they want, at the touch of a button. Perfectly integrated, perfectly synchronized across every device that they own.”

– Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

As Pete attests, consumers expect more out of their screen time and by extension, their ads. This presents new challenges for advertisers who are battling low consumer sentiment around ads in general.

In order to create more meaningful, personalized, targeted ads that meet rising consumer expectations, advertisers must be smarter about how they deploy their vast amounts of data. This requires enhanced and unified control over media planning, data, and analytics. For many companies, however, bringing everything in-house is neither  a realistic or necessary solution.

Control is Not Binary

Most brands feel that in-housing is an all-or-nothing insurmountable hurdle, but Pete proposes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, there are various levels of control advertisers can have for in-housing to accommodate their available resources and technical expertise.

in-house spectrum of control

These options range on a sliding scale from completely outsourced, which gives advertisers little transparency but also requires fewer brand resources, to fully in-housed, which offers full control but requires deep technical expertise or training and headcount resources.

Five Factors to Consider When Going In-House

Next, Pete introduces five points marketers must consider to assess where they belong on the Spectrum of Control:

in-house factors to consider

Depending on the combination of factors that apply to a specific advertiser, this framework is how marketers can determine the right combination of in-housing and outsourcing for their brand.

Where to Start

Pete then provides a tangible roadmap for marketers once they have evaluated where they fall on the Spectrum of Control.

“When done correctly, this can well and truly revolutionize our industry, address many of the huge issues we face every day, and ultimately will help the businesses that will win tomorrow figure out how to talk to their customers today.”

– Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive

Watch Pete Kim’s full “Spectrum of Control” session for actionable steps to get started with in-housing.

Did you know 67% of marketers think they’ll have first-party data solved within 18 months? Request a copy of our upcoming report about how enterprise brands are activating their first-party data to see how you measure up.

Event: Programmatic Innovators Circle

On Monday, October 15, MightyHive participated in the inaugural Programmatic Innovators Circle dinner at The Grill in New York City to address the challenges and opportunities presented by in-housing. According to an IAB report, “Nearly two-thirds of brands purchasing ads through programmatic means have fully or partially moved the function in-house.” However, in addition to noting the many benefits of in-housing, the IAB report also pinpoints the challenges of doing so: “the programmatic in-housing transition typically requires at least a one-year commitment, complex coordination of partner contracts, staff training, and more.”

The Programmatic Innovators Circle is a supportive coalition of savvy marketers designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of bringing programmatic in-house. Co-chaired and driven by senior marketing leaders, this invitation-only group met over dinner to seek advice, share best practices, and discuss strategies around in-housing. The group’s goal is to create a network to help marketers:

  • Learn strategies and tactics to empower their teams and unlock the full potential of in-housing
  • Stay on the cutting edge of the industry through regular knowledge-sharing and updates from subject matter experts
  • Discuss team structure and skills needed to successfully transition to in-housing
  • Benefit from resources shared by marketers at different stages of the in-housing process

“With the Programmatic Innovators Circle, we’re creating a network of marketers who are transforming their organizations, becoming more data-driven, and building transparency into their relationships across the advertising ecosystem. It’s about creating a safe space to have conversations about the opportunities and challenges of setting up a team, and a way for marketers to stay relevant by driving their own learning agenda.”

– Leah Kim, CMO, MightyHive

Senior marketers from verticals including insurance, CPG, durables, auto, F&B, and others gathered to share insights and learn from one another. In-housing has gained popularity in recent years as marketers are under pressure to take ownership of their data and digital strategy. With major brands such as Anheuser-Busch InBevGlaxoSmithKline, and Bayer going public with their plans to bring programmatic in-house, communities like the Programmatic Innovators Circle can provide a clear roadmap to in-housing success.

Watch MightyHive CEO Pete Kim’s “Spectrum of Control” presentation to learn five ways you can get started with in-housing. Also, be sure to sign-up to receive a copy of our upcoming report about how enterprise brands are activating their first-party data.

Event: Programmatic I/O NYC

Join MightyHive at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O New York, the largest industry conference focused on programmatic media and marketing where MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim will be speaking on the Programmatic Essentials Buy-Side track and MightyHive President of the Americas, Emily Del Greco, will be speaking on the Spotlight: TV track. Be sure to add their sessions to your calendar! 


Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive


Taking programmatic in-house can be a daunting prospect, but a little planning will make you look like a hero. Before jumping in, there’s a steep learning curve and some decisions to make – enter the spectrum of control. You will learn actionable strategies and insights that will ease the pain of in-house programmatic implementation.

October 15, 2018 | 2:00 PM EST | New York Midtown Hilton | New York, NY

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Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive


What we now call “advanced TV” follows few of the rules associated with today’s ad tech. In fact, advanced TV has an ecosystem all its own, with unique technology, principles and market leadership. This session offers a new approach to visualizing this landscape, from rabbit ear antennas to addressable TV, and will break down the key components of the ecosystem relative to their relationship with the end viewer in the hopes of unlocking greater insight for both buyers and sellers.

Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive
Marc Brodherson, Partner, McKinsey & Company

October 15, 2018 | 3:40 PM EST | New York Midtown Hilton | New York, NY

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MightyHive will also have a live exchange table, so be sure to stop by and meet the team. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the team, please submit a form request.


Event: ANA Data & Measurement Conference


Join the MightyHive team at the ANA Data & Measurement conference. Speakers from General Motors, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Peloton, Nationwide, and more will discuss the importance of maintaining a unified data and measurement strategy, cross-platform attribution, AI, and predictive analytics. Plus, MightyHive will be hosting a coffee break between sessions (with a special surprise!) that you won’t want to miss.

Interested in learning more about how you can take control of your digital future? Schedule a time to meet with the team at MightyHive onsite by emailing We look forward to seeing you there!

The Ritz-Carlton, Orlando Grande Lakes
4012 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando, FL 32837

Wednesday, September 12 – Friday, September 14, 2018

Video: Caesars Entertainment on Partnering with MightyHive

“…this amazing success we’ve had in the digital media pillar for our company, we certainly wouldn’t be here without our partnership with MightyHive and Google.”

Taryn Proctor, Director of Advertising Strategy
Caesars Entertainment

At Google Marketing Live 2018, Taryn Proctor, Director of Advertising Strategy at Caesars Entertainment took the stage to highlight how Caesars has achieved success with partners MightyHive and Google.

Against the backdrop of a highly competitive leisure, gaming, and hospitality industry, Caesars has been able to achieve its strategic goals of better digital advertising performance (marketing as a growth engine), greater efficiency (doing more with less), and preparing for the future (building an agile architecture).

Marketing Independence

Specifically, Taryn called out in-house hands-on-keyboard capabilities as being a key driver of operational efficiencies for the Caesars team, making better use of the team’s time and resources. Caesars has also found success by taking closer ownership of audience segmentation and personalized ad creative with messaging and offers that are both relevant and helpful to customers.

Looking Toward the Future

Caesars is also investing in digital advertising infrastructure that brings site analytics (Analytics 360), media buying & targeting (Display & Video 360), dynamic creative, and advanced analysis tools like Google BigQuery together. This enables the Caesars team to take a deeper dive into their own data to identify distinct customer segments based on signals strongly tied to revenue, such as room price point and resort activities. The integrated ad stack enables the team to develop and test these customer segments in a seamless workflow.

MightyHive is proud to collaborate with a future-focused, data-driven brand like Caesars.

Video: MightyHive CEO Pete Kim speaks at Mumbrella360

Pete journeyed to Sydney and gave a talk entitled “How to Use Programmatic Content to Drive Marketing Success” at Mumbrella360, Australia’s biggest media and marketing conference.

With global programmatic ad spend projected to reach US$37bn by the end of 2019, according to a Manga Global report – combined with formats like mobile, video, VR and TV emerging as powerful channels for programmatic – today’s marketers and advertisers need to be at the bleeding edge of this groundbreaking technology in order to stay ahead of their competition and connect with customers.

In this session, Pete Kim, CEO and Founder of MightyHive, the data-driven marketing firm based in San Francisco, takes the stage to dive into programmatic advancements across digital, mobile, TV and more, and explain how to take action and implement these advancements into marketing efforts.

Attendees walked away with the know-how to apply programmatic across their marketing funnels, the knowledge to master the service side of this business, a deep understanding of the current state of programmatic, and got a glimpse into the future trends that will shape the industry.