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WEBINAR: A Programmatic Buyer’s Look at the ISBA Report’s “Unknown Delta”

A Programmatic Buyer’s Look at the “Unknown Delta”

Recently the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) set out to shine a light on the programmatic advertising supply chain, but despite exhaustive efforts to map and attribute every advertising dollar, the subsequent report could not account for a sizable fraction of digital advertising budgets. This “unknown delta,” as the ISBA calls it, is associated with causes ranging from fraud to inventory reselling. But regardless of the reasons, the ISBA report exposes a complex system that lacks transparency.

“[The unknown delta] is not meant to be assumed as fraud….This is important for anyone who is thoughtfully assessing this study; the unknowns can ideally become knowns.”

– Rachel Adams, Head of Media Activation US, MightyHive

The ISBA report is the focus of the latest episode of Live with MightyHive and features Rachel Adams, Head of Media Activation, MightyHive US. Adams brings years of agency buying experience and countless hours working with MightyHive clients on in-housing strategies and implementation. Together with Senior Director of Marketing Myles Younger, the two cover some of the report’s findings and strategies for optimizing the digital advertising supply chain and improving transparency.

This episode of “Live with MightyHive covers: 

  • Findings from the ISBA report
  • The advantages of simplifying your supply chain
  • The increasingly important role of transparency

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Watch Episode 3: A Programmatic Buyer’s Look at the ISBA Report’s “Unknown Delta”, and view the slides below.

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And check out MightyHive CEO Pete Kim’s thoughts on the ISBA report here: Marketers Deserve Better.

WEBINAR: Data Quality Nightmares with Julien Coquet

Data Quality Nightmares

On May 14, Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive, joined Live with MightyHive to share ghoulish tales of data mismanagement and how they could have been avoided. Coquet recounted one agency that copied and pasted tracking tags, an e-commerce site without any inventory management, and he discussed how to address the zombie martech tags that can swarm a brand’s website. 

“Be mindful of what kind of data you collect. Just because you can collect it, doesn’t mean you should….You can do amazing things with data, but if your data is rotten to begin with then you are not going to get far.”

— Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive

The stories are cautionary tales for teams working to establish data governance and data hygiene standards. In this episode you will learn: 

  • Best practices and procedures for improving data governance.
  • How to manage your martech stack.
  • Why careful data collection comprises the foundation for meaningful analytics, insights, and reporting.

Scroll down to watch the video and view the slides from this “Live with MightyHive” episode below.

Coming Up Next

And coming up on Tuesday, May 19 at 11:00am EST is A Programmatic Buyer’s Look at the ISBA Report’s “Unknown Delta” with MightyHive Head of Media Activation US, Rachel Adams. Together with Senior Director of Marketing Myles Younger, she will examine the ISBA report’s findings and highlight supply chain optimization strategies that improve transparency for marketers. 

live with mightyhive

Check out MightyHive CEO Pete Kim’s thoughts on the ISBA report here: Marketers Deserve Better.

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Watch Episode 2: Data Quality Nightmares, with Julien Coquet, and view the slides below.

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Email Marketing Strategies During COVID-19



As we cope with today’s unparalleled circumstances, we must recognize the importance of direct communication from company to customer. Email marketing is not only very cost effective, it is also the preferred channel for most consumers. Research from shows that global email open rates, in the last three weeks of March, increased by 21%. Clickthrough rates trail behind, at a mere 3.9% increase. This shows us that there are plenty of opportunities out there to develop a customer-centric communication strategy with your customers, remaining thoughtful and relevant while making sure not to overdo it.  

When to Reach Out

Seeing so many COVID-19 related updates in your inbox, you may feel pressure to reach out to your customers right away. However, one wrong move could affect their perception of your brand and may cause them to unsubscribe — or even worse: report your message as SPAM. Internet Service Providers and Webmail providers lean heavily on subscriber (non-)engagement stats when it comes to your email sender reputation. A large increase in SPAM complaints is seen as a red flag and may eventually lead to your domain being blacklisted. The bottom line: do not reach out to your customers without a good reason.

Choose Your Audience Wisely

Your customers’ lives and needs have changed rapidly. Buying priorities have shifted. While they are coping with these unusual circumstances, you should be wondering what it is they need today. This is your cue to adapt and find new ways of engaging with your audience by:

  • Providing service rather than selling in your messaging
  • Generating new ideas with your marketing team on how to be useful for your customers: discounts, free shipping, suspended fees and helpful content are some examples
  • Experimenting with new, thoughtful subject lines and personalized content
  • Making sure to focus on your customer experience and review every message that you send on its relevance, tone and usefulness
  • Focusing on kindness and sensitivity

Clean and Grow Your Data

The market is moving quickly, but data segmentation rules have been relatively static. Right now, it is likely that your existing marketing segments no longer apply. Time to take a new, fresh look at your data and re-think: 

  • What has changed and what groups you can identify based on today’s needs
  • How you can answer their needs and strengthen your bond with them
  • Keep in mind what you already know, based on consumer interests and previous engagements 
  • Start by focusing on your most engaged and loyal customers

As many consumers’ shopping behavior has moved to online-only, this is also an opportunity to re-engage with your previously inactive customers. But be careful here as well:

  • Do not send the same message to all of your inactive customers
  • Instead, look for recognizable target groups using previous web and shopping behavior
  • Make sure to only offer products and services that are relevant to them today

Automating data segmentation, email personalization, and triggered sending will save you time, even in the short term.

Your customer database is one of your most important assets. Keep it growing, especially now, and use it to compensate for a potential decrease in ad revenue with these tactics:

  • Implement an easy sign-up process for your email marketing to turn web visitors into first-party contacts
  • Consider setting up a multi-layer subscription model, with options for different types of communications
  • Curb abandonment by giving unsubscribers more flexibility than just a global opt-out

Measure the Engagement

Driven by a need for speed, chances are that you have been developing one-off campaigns rather than automated campaign processes. Some of these interactions may only be relevant during the current crisis situation. It is also possible that your customers, or your business propositions, have changed indefinitely. Automating data segmentation, email personalization, and triggered sending will save you time and greatly reduce the risk of human error. Regardless of the outlook, even automating short-running campaigns can be a good investment.

For example:

  • Use dynamic content in messages with region-specific updates
  • Automate segmentations based on delayed shipping

Implementing proper tagging in your emails is critical to learning from this crisis for your future marketing efforts

While we don’t know what tomorrow will look like, making sure that proper tagging is implemented into your email messages and links will keep your data clean. This is critical to learning from this crisis and being prepared for your future marketing efforts.

MightyHive is Here to Help

How much have you adjusted your email marketing strategy in response to the current COVID-19 crisis? As a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud partner, MightyHive can assist you with any of the challenges described – and more.

Whether you are looking at a dramatic spike in demand for your internal team, or you are in need of a partner to help you form a new strategy to connect with your customers please contact us. 

Curious about other Salesforce products? Check out this post to see how MightyHive can help you activate a unified data and media strategy with Google Marketing Platform and Salesforce. 

Press Release: MightyHive Offers Clients Free Trial of MightyDesk Ad Trafficking Tool

SAN FRANCISCO, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading media consultancy MightyHive today announced it is offering its global clients a free trial of MightyDesk, the tool suite which enables media buyers to effectively scale their programmatic operations. It connects to leading programmatic platforms and allows for the management of campaigns, automation of workflows, and generation of cross platform reports, alerts and insights.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted international economies and many industries are expected to face financial challenges throughout Q2. To help its clients save time and increase advertising return on investment (ROI) during this difficult time, MightyHive is offering the MightyDesk trafficking tool within the MightyDesk Automation module at no cost through the end of Q2 2020.

Ad trafficking is the process of creating and setting up programmatic advertising campaigns in an efficient and effective way. It is one of the most critical, yet time- and labor-intensive aspects of digital marketing.

In this current climate, advertisers are in dire need of cost-effective and impactful solutions. MightyDesk was originally built to solve pain points MightyHive teams encountered when using programmatic platforms and is the same tool they use every day to service thousands of clients. MightyDesk Automation features helped one client save over 300 hours a month on ad trafficking tasks.

“Trust and transparency across the marketing supply chain is more vital than ever,” said Pete Kim, CEO and founder of MightyHive. “We built MightyHive on these strong moral values, so we are proud to do our part in helping our industry survive and accelerating the digital transformation that is necessary for advertisers around the world. We’re pleased to offer our clients the same tool we rely on to run our business at a global level, MightyDesk, at no cost during this difficult time.”

MightyHive clients can reach out directly to their account managers to schedule a MightyDesk demo and training session. Marketers who are not yet MightyHive clients can reach out to

For more information on MightyDesk, please visit

About MightyHive
MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of massive disruption and opportunity. Recognized as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and services in the areas of media operations and training, data strategy and analytics.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Auckland, Chicago, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, Melbourne, Milan, Montreal, Mumbai, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Vancouver. In 2018, MightyHive merged with S4Capital plc (SFOR.L), a new age/new era digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell in 2018.

Blast PR for MightyHive

Read full press release on Globe Newswire

Case Study: MightyHive Helps Introduce Mercari to America

“MightyHive’s data-driven approach and expertise of the digital marketing ecosystem aligned perfectly with our expectations and goals. They were instrumental in helping us brainstorm, plan and execute an effective brand awareness campaign. We look forward to collaborating with them on our future campaigns.”

-Scott Levitan, CMO, Mercari

Scaling Success: Mercari Targets International Markets

Mercari, known as “The Selling App,” is a hugely popular e-commerce app where users can buy and sell unused goods through a community platform. Mercari is extremely successful in its native Japan with a significant user base. The brand wanted to parlay its success in Japan to new markets and set its sights on expansion into the US.

Mercari app Screenshot

In order to successfully introduce the Mercari brand to the US, the team at Mercari needed a US partner with cross-cultural experience. MightyHive has experience successfully launching brand awareness and audience acquisition campaigns across the globe. Given this experience, Mercari selected MightyHive as its partner to introduce the brand to American audiences.

With a goal of maximizing reach and gathering information about potential audiences, Mercari and MightyHive leveraged Google Marketing Platform and Facebook to launch Mercari’s US “Cheers” digital campaign.

Audience Discovery and Insights

As a newcomer to the US market, Mercari’s primary goal was to identify and understand potential audiences for its brand. Using a robust combination of Google and Facebook, MightyHive was able to maximize reach while gathering valuable data about Mercari’s US audiences. Using this data, MightyHive was able to draw insights about Mercari’s target audience and optimize creative and messaging to align with audience preferences.

After the six-week test flight, Mercari saw accelerated new user growth and had reached 47% of its US target market.

47 Percent of US Target Audience Reached

On-Demand Reporting

With Google Analytics 360, MightyHive was able to provide Mercari with granular data about its audience to use for better insights. MightyHive aggregated Mercari’s reporting into comprehensive daily reports through Google Data Studio. Mercari was easily able to track campaign performance and trends with transparency.

MightyHive’s data-driven approach opened the door for Mercari to enter a new market with the confidence that they were maximizing reach across the right audiences. Mercari can build on the insights collected in the “Cheers” campaign to continue to successfully grow its brand in the US.

The team of digital experts at MightyHive can help you reach the audiences most aligned with your brand. We focus on unifying media and analytics to build digital campaign strategies that are informed by data. Please contact us to learn more.


MightyHive Helps Introduce
Mercari to America

(click to read the full case study)

MightyHive Has Merged with S4 Capital

To our clients and partners:

MightyHive is proud to join forces with S4 Capital. The merger enables MightyHive to meet rapidly growing demand from clients and expand the opportunities that MightyHive can help our clients unlock. We are particularly excited about the impact this news will have on the global brands and agencies we serve and are pleased to communicate the facts below.

What is S4 Capital?

The mission of S4 Capital is to create a new era, new age digital solution embracing data, content, and technology in an always-on environment for global, multi-national, regional and local clients, and for millennial-driven digital brands. Earlier this year, S4 Capital merged with MediaMonks, a global creative production firm that has produced award-winning creative for clients like Audi, Google, Netflix, and Adidas. The MightyHive is the first entry S4 Capital has made into digital media.

Why Have MightyHive and S4 Capital Merged?

MightyHive is aligned with S4 Capital’s mission to create a new-era marketing services firm that focuses on digital content, digital media, and first-party data. As advertising, content, and commerce continue to converge and data plays a central role, our clients will be able to do more through an integrated offering created by the companies that are a part of S4 Capital. The integrated solution will also be amplified by the strength of our partnerships with Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These technology partnerships set the operational heartbeat of the MightyHive business. Additionally, the merger allows us to scale our people development to ensure that MightyHive talent continues to lead the market.

What is the Structure of the Deal?

As a result of the merger, MightyHive is a wholly owned subsidiary of S4 Capital. Pete Kim, MightyHive CEO and Co-Founder, and Christopher S. Martin, MightyHive COO and Co-Founder, have joined the S4 Capital board of directors and are also remaining in their roles running the day-to-day operations of MightyHive.

What are the Benefits of the Merger for Clients and Partners?

There is a fundamental shift in media today. Consumers can now access content anywhere, at any time, and with greater personalization than ever before. Rising consumer expectations for relevance, coupled with the complexity of the ad tech ecosystem, have left marketers underserved.

MightyHive recognized this change in 2012. But our crucial insight was that while the market produced a proliferation of technologies, the highly skilled talent required to master this new space was lacking.

S4 Capital brings together the pioneers of the new era. Both MightyHive and MediaMonks are regarded as leaders in their respective fields: MediaMonks is one of the most awarded creative production companies in the world; MightyHive is a recognized leader in programmatic digital media buying. With our complementary capabilities, MediaMonks and MightyHive will explore integrated solutions that enhance our ability to service clients in the new media landscape.

As MightyHive develops a combined digital content and media offering with S4 Capital, interested clients will have unique opportunities to help shape these solutions. Otherwise, MightyHive will conduct business as usual, focusing on delivering superior service and solutions.

A Closing Thought

We are excited about the opportunities ahead, but for now, you can expect business as usual. MightyHive is still on the same mission of digital marketing transformation we’ve been on since our founding. The company’s leadership will remain involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, and our services and approach are not changing.

As we mark this milestone in our shared history, please know the team at MightyHive is proud to join forces with S4 Capital and MediaMonks because of one reason — it allows us to serve you, our clients and partners, in a way that was impossible in the past and will drive the future. We extend a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners, investors, and our advisors, Petsky Prunier Securities who served as exclusive financial advisor and Cooley LLP who served as legal advisor to MightyHive on the transaction.

Lastly, we want to thank our people for being with us on this journey. MightyHive would not be where it is today without you.

Kind Regards,

Pete Kim
Co-founder and CEO


Chris Martin
Co-founder and COO


Lexi Viripaeff
Co-founder and CTO


About S4 Capital plc (Founded 2018)

S4 Capital was created with the objective of building a digital, multi-national business in the advertising and marketing services sector. S4 Capital’s mission is to create a new era / new age digital solution embracing data, content, and technology in an always-on environment for global, multi-national, regional and local clients, and for millennial-driven digital brands.

About MightyHive (Founded 2012)

MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of significant disruption and opportunity. Recognized as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and services in the areas of media operations and training, data strategy, and analytics. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, London, Toronto, Singapore, Stockholm, and Sydney.

MediaMonks (Founded 2001)

MediaMonks is an award-winning international digital creative content and production company. MediaMonks partners with clients across industries and markets to craft amazing work for leading businesses and brands with integrated production capabilities that span the entire creative spectrum, covering anything you could possibly want from a production partner, and probably more.

From creative campaigns and content to bespoke development and design, MediaMonks works above the line and below the fold at the intersection of creativity and technology. MediaMonks operates across teams, time zones and technologies with a team of 900+ Monks. Their work is recognized by advertising and craft awards around the world, with 110 Cannes Lions and 200+ FWAs to date.

Founded in 2001 and rooted in digital, MediaMonks has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Dubai, Singapore, and Shanghai.