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Press Release: MightyHive Appoints Training Expert Rashaad Jamal as Vice President of Learning and Development

SAN FRANCISCOJan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Leading media consultancy MightyHive today announced the appointment of Rashaad Jamal as Vice President of Learning and Development, to oversee the company’s world-class employee training programs known for creating programmatic experts. Jamal brings more than 10 years of training and coaching experience to this position.

MightyHive VP, Learning & Development Rashaad Jamal Headshot

Rashaad Jamal, Vice President of Learning and Development, MightyHive

“The support and training we provide our people, as well as to our customers, underpins MightyHive’s ability to deliver transformative marketing results,” said Pete Kim, CEO and co-founder, MightyHive. “We believe there is a 10:1 disconnect between the demand for and supply of programmatic experts today. Rashaad’s experience working with elite teams will be invaluable in ensuring MightyHive employees and our clients achieve their full potential.”

In this role, Jamal will fortify two internal programs and create additional programs for the continued development of its on-boarding and up-skilling capabilities. He will refine the curriculum of MightySchool, the company’s intensive training boot camp for new employees that brings a new hire with any level of experience up to technical competency and able to start executing digital campaigns, to ensure the program is able to meet the needs of the rapidly growing global staff. In addition, he will oversee MightyResume, a professional development program that helps employees set career goals, identify skills they need to achieve those goals and creates pathways to pursue those skills while at MightyHive.

“MightyHive’s unparalleled training programs have created a way to turn people with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, but no programmatic background, into experts in six months or less,” said Jamal. “I look forward to working with the team’s high-caliber recruits as we take their learning and development programs to the next level.”

Before joining MightyHive, Jamal was Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, where he helped some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies transform the performance, health and capabilities of their organizations, delivering impact to their bottom lines. Prior to that, Jamal served as a carrier pilot and an instructor pilot in the United States Marine Corps.

About MightyHive
MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of massive disruption and opportunity. Recognized as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and services in the areas of media operations and training, data strategy and analytics. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New YorkLondonTorontoSingaporeStockholm and Sydney. In 2018, MightyHive merged with S4 Capital plc (SFOR.L), a new age/new era digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell in 2018.

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MightyGuide: Stockholm With Marcus Sundvall, Sales Director, Nordics


MightyHive recently announced our expansion into the Nordic market, with the opening of MightyHive Sweden—headquartered in Stockholm.

Our Nordic sales team is lead by the experienced digital leader, Marcus Sundvall. Marcus will work alongside our Nordics Account Manager, Andreas Gimmerborn. We are very excited to welcome both Marcus and Andreas to the MightyHive team.

We wanted to get to know Marcus and Stockholm a little better, so we asked him a few questions about his favorite places in Stockholm and what makes it such a special place to live and work.

Check out the interactive map at the end of this post for more information on each of Marcus’ recommendations.

Q: What brought you to MightyHive?

There are a few things that brought me the MightyHive. I received a recommendation from a MightyHive partner to check you out. I also had heard some buzz about MightyHive and wanted to learn more.

“When I met the team, I was truly impressed by the deep expertise of everyone in the company. It also helped that everyone at MightyHive is so friendly!”

I believe there is a gap in the Nordic programmatic market that MightyHive is well positioned to fill. With the number of multinational corporations headquartered in Stockholm, it’s a huge advantage to work with a partner like MightyHive that has standardized services and offerings globally.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working in Stockholm?

I really love the environment in the city — It’s just the right size, neither too small nor too big. Unlike most cities, Stockholm has a lot of parks and water so it’s a very green city.

There is a unique mix of multinational corporations and start-ups, so it’s a very exciting city to work in. It also challenges everyone in Stockholm to constantly be striving to improve themselves – I guess you could say we’re a city of overachievers!

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in Stockholm?

stockholm restaurants - photos of food

I love all the different varieties of Asian food. Stockholm has a lot of really great Asian restaurants, but my favorite is Berns Asiatiska. It’s right in the center of town and they offer a wide variety of different regional dishes. You tell your waiter your preferences and suddenly all these different fantastic dishes appear. You never know what you’re going to get, but everything is great and you’ll enjoy every bite.

There is also an amazing Sichuan restaurant called Surfers that serves delicious, spicy food alongside inventive drinks like apple pie—which actually tastes like apple pie! The wait staff are very knowledgeable and will sit down with you to walk through the menu and make recommendations.

For a nice night out, I also enjoy Strandvägen 1. It’s located next to Dramaten, the most famous theater in Sweden and in a very posh part of town. The menu is bistro style with a selection of great food and drinks. They also have a rotation of artists who perform on their small stage at night, which makes a nice experience. Plus, it’s a great place for people-watching—you just might catch a few Swedish celebrities while you are there.

Q: Favorite cultural activities?

I have two small(ish) children which doesn’t always allow for too much time enjoying Stockholm’s cultural scene. The one I miss the most is being able to go to the movie theatre and enjoying that full experience—candy, popcorn, and all.

That being said, there are certainly a lot of great cultural activities for small children and we all enjoy being able to take advantage of the green space in Stockholm when the weather is nice.

Q: What are some of your favorite off the beaten path activities?

best of stockholm archipelago

I don’t know if this counts as “off the beaten path” but I really love to ride the old steamboats to the archipelago, getting off on an island and finding a small restaurant with a view, having some food and watching the kids play around—that is true quality of life!

Q: Where are the best places for a great cup of coffee (or tea)?

When I lived in town, there was a cafe just outside my house that was run by three New Zealanders. They’ve split up across different shops, but no matter where they are there will be good coffee. You’ll be able to find great coffee at Snickarbacken 7, GULD, and Kafé Orion.

In general, the coffee scene has simply exploded over the last 5-10 years so you will find good coffee pretty much everywhere now.

Q: Finally, what’s your favorite neighborhood in Stockholm?

I love Vasastan, I lived there with the family for about 12 years before moving out to the suburbs. Vasastan is known for its large park called Vasaparken, where there is a huge football field that turns into an ice skating rink in winter and has a big play area for kids.

Vasastan also has a LOT of restaurants, all of the previously mentioned cafés are there, theaters, etc. You will also find many boutiques, shops – pretty much anything you could need is there so it’s very convenient.

We are excited to bring MightyHive’s solutions to Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland to offer full regional support, helping Nordic marketers take control of their programmatic futures and providing unified Google Marketing Platform Solutions across regions. MightyHive is currently looking for skilled account managers to join this enterprising team. Please visit our careers page to apply.

The Best of Toronto With Tessa Ohlendorf, Managing Director Mightyhive Canada


Tessa Ohlendorf, Managing Director MightyHive Canada

This week MightyHive announced our expansion into the Canadian market, with the opening of MightyHive Canada — headquartered in Toronto.

Our Canadian operations and strategy will be headed up by Canadian and US programmatic visionary and digital veteran, Tessa Ohlendorf as Managing Director. Tessa brings a wealth of experience in media and advertising and we’re so excited to welcome her to the team.

We wanted to get to know Tessa and Toronto a little better, so we asked Tessa to share some of her favorite places to eat, visit, and explore in Toronto.

Check out the interactive map at the end of this post for more information on each of Tessa’s recommendations.

Q: What are your favorite restaurants in Toronto?


Source: La Carnita

There are too many to choose from! Toronto has a very diverse population with a variety of cuisines, so there’s something for everyone. Some of my favorites include Terroni, Bar Sybanne, Nazareth, Little Sister Food Bar, Skippa, Marben, DaiLo, La Carnita, Trattoria Giancarlo, Mamakas, and Bellwoods Brewery. There are lots of off the beaten path places to eat – such as sampling homemade Naan in Little India, sampling Canadian heritage food at Boralia on Ossington, or enjoying a steak in Toronto’s castle (Casa Loma).


Q: Favorite cultural activities?

EEEAT! A group that I started – Educational Ethnic Eating Association of Toronto – we informally go out to eat at restaurants specializing in a cuisine. Eating out is a really big one in Toronto as far as cultural activities go.

Outside of enjoying Toronto’s eclectic restaurant scene, I like to go out and explore different neighborhoods in the city, including:

  • Exploring the Toronto Islands by bike
  • Taking in the view from the CN tower or the bar at the Manulife Centre
  • Having a dance at one of Toronto’s outdoor summer parties
  • Picnicking at Trinity Bellwoods Park – I like to grab a coffee and hang out or BYOB with some takeout food.
  • Strolling down Queen street for the window shopping with a coffee in hand.

Q: What are some of your favorite off the beaten path activities?

Toronto has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike across all seasons. In the warmer weather, I love to bike along the waterfront, beaches, Mimico, and Scarborough Bluffs followed by a gelato in Little Italy. In the winter, skating at the Harbourfront Centre or under the Gardiner Expressway is always a great choice, or warming up at Body Blitz Spa with some friends – a women-only spa inspired by ancient Roman baths.

Year round, I enjoy visiting all of the parks in Toronto, going to the Art Gallery of Ontario, participating in the public events such as Nuit Blanche, various parades and city running events. For outdoorsy activities – getting out of the city to Georgian Bay, Prince Edward County or the Kawarthas for skiing, snowshoeing and apple/pumpkin picking!

Q: Where are the best places for a great cup of coffee (or tea)?

Toronto has a lot of great options for coffee as well. I love Sam James Coffee Bar – they have a few different locations now, Empire Espresso, The Common, and Dark Horse.

Q: Finally, what’s your favorite neighborhood in Toronto?

Little Italy! That’s where I live and it’s my favourite neighborhood. Having lived in Toronto my whole life, I can say there are so many interesting and distinct neighborhoods in the city. It’s very easy to spend a weekend checking out 2-3 of them and getting to know their unique personalities.

You can’t go wrong visiting Ossington, Dundas/Queen/College, Parkdale, Annex, Leslieville, The Beaches, or Dovercourt village.

We are looking forward to building our team in Canada under Tessa’s leadership and are currently looking for account managers to join our team in Toronto. Tessa is an expert in creating team and company culture, so if you want to work alongside an amazing leader visit our careers page to apply.

MightyHive Team Interview: Lizzie Serber, Director of Marketing


The MightyHive Team Interview is a rotating spotlight of MightyHive employees from across the organization, providing an insider’s look into what it’s really like to be a member of the MightyHive team. 

Today we’re talking to Lizzie Serber, Director of Marketing who is based out of our Los Angeles office. 

Q: What do you do at MightyHive?

As a member of the marketing team at MightyHive, I head up our brand activation and event strategy. We have an amazingly talented team, so a lot of my job is facilitating their ability to share their expertise as thought leaders within the industry. We accomplish this with content creation, PR initiatives, industry conferences, special councils, or client meetings.

Q: What excites you about the MightyHive Team?

During my interview process, I was immediately impressed by how friendly and happy the team is. Culture is a huge part of MightyHive life. It’s obvious that there’s been a thoughtful, concerted effort to make sure the team is positive, fulfilled, and challenged.

I’m also consistently blown away by the level of transparency and trust from the top down. We have a weekly all-hands meeting that opens with a few words from our exec team about the health of the business (spoiler alert: it’s tip-top). We also end each meeting with “MightyGood Questions,” an open forum for any team member to ask hard-hitting questions, in person or via email. It means a lot to have that level of openness from and accessibility to our leadership.

Another thing that I’ve rarely experienced is MightyHive’s culture of internal continuous optimization. Our teams are constantly training, refining our services, and course correcting. This makes us nimble but with an incredibly strong foundation to support new capabilities in an ever-changing industry. Instead of shying away from change, MightyHive leans in and embraces challenges. 

When people ask me about working at MightyHive, I typically answer by expressing my awe at how lucky I am to work with such intelligent, thoughtful colleagues.

The MightyHive mindshare is no joke, and I’ve worked with some of the smartest marketers and media execs out there. This team is young, smart, passionate, and inspires me every day to stretch my own thinking.

Q: What’s your day-to-day like at MightyHive?

I’ve always enjoyed working cross-functionally and find that I put out better work when I’m not siloed. The ability to collaborate across teams is one of my favorite things about MightyHive. I might start my morning with a marketing team meeting, but throughout the day I’ll work with account managers, C-Staff, operations, sales, engineering, and our innovation team—not to mention our global interactions. It gives me a better understanding of the business and better context for how my projects support larger company goals and initiatives.

One tool we use that I think other companies would benefit from is our office hours policy. Instead of clogging each day with an endless series of meetings, teams have standing office hours to answer quick questions or talk through ideas that aren’t time-sensitive. It’s a clever and efficient way make the most of our time, because even if nobody jumps on the call to chat, we use the time as a team to touch base.  

I hate to use a cliché, but “work hard, play hard” comes to mind. The team is super smart, driven, and cooperative, and after busting our butts all day we like to let loose. We routinely have “Team Tuesdays” in the office, where we have a lunch ‘n learn, or one of our teams shares internal projects or wins. We also have “Mighty Fridays,” which could be anything from a booze cruise to a bowling night. It was recently our sixth birthday, so we brought in a bartender and decorations and popped some champagne to commemorate the occasion.  

Q: Where do you see MightyHive in five years?

My past experience includes event marketing and production, so from that standpoint, I hope to boost the great work MightyHive is already doing by sharing case studies, thought leadership, and company news. In the complex ad tech space, it’s important for MightyHive to be top-of-mind for advertisers looking for an educational, consultative partner who also provides world-class servicing and continuous optimization.

Since MightyHive doesn’t fit into a traditional agency or tech platform bucket, over the next few years I will work hard to highlight our key differentiators, the gaps we fill, and the efficiencies we create for clients. We’re already a new kind of partner, so it’s a matter of owning the category and making sure advertisers know they don’t have to settle for siloed approaches to their data and media activation and optimization.   

Down the line, I think because of our unique stance in a complicated, difficult-to-navigate market, we are in a position to help influence the future of ad tech partnerships and policy. I’d like us play an active role in simplifying and solving for some of the roadblocks standing in the way of advertiser success like ad fraud, privacy, brand safety, scale, and personalization.   

We’re always hiring! If you want to join me at this amazing company, check out our careers page. We have offices all over the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Toronto, Paris, and Milan.