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MarTech Advisor: The Death of Proxy Metrics – Optimizing Towards Real Business Objectives

Historic proxy metrics like CPC, CTR, and CPA are dying. MightyHive’s Chris Brook argues that proxy metrics are distracting marketers from measuring the true impact of their campaigns. Instead, he argues that marketers should be focused on measuring the success of their campaigns against business outcomes. By measuring against actual outcomes, marketers gain a clearer picture of their audience and the return on their programs.

As digital advertising continues to evolve, it’s evident that the industry needs to set a new bar for media and consumer measurement, and begin to sunset legacy metrics in favor of real business objectives. While breaking decades-old habits is never easy, it is critical that we change our way of thinking, or get left behind.

For marketers looking to measure the true value of their campaigns, Chris outlines three steps that marketers can take to advance their measurement standards.

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Digiday: Inside MightyHive, The Agency Helping Brands Create In-House Agencies

Digiday takes a deep dive into MightyHive’s services and solutions. MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim, explains our approach to in-housing and why that has resonated with brands like Bayer, Sprint, and Nationwide.

“[Pete Kim said] Companies are in need of flexibility when it comes to moving media in-house and, therefore, [MightyHive] doesn’t have one way it works with clients. Deals are constructed on a case-to-case basis, and offerings vary from strategy consulting to media buying execution to training.”

MightyHive helps brands take control of their digital futures by providing guidance and training as they move their media buying in-house. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to in-housing and MightyHive creates custom activations for each client, depending on their individual needs. Ultimately, MightyHive helps brands own their digital strategies and help train the right talent to get to self-sufficiency. As Josh Palau, VP of Digital Strategy for Bayer said,

“We wanted to work with MightyHive because of their experience with getting people to self-sufficiency.”

Additionally, Sprint engaged MightyHive as a partner for the same reason, the appeal of total ownership and self-sufficiency. Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer at Sprint said of working with MightyHive,

“We’ve seen results better than expected, and those have continued to grow. It’s almost like jumping off the high dive—you’re a little bit nervous, but you know when you land, it’s not going to hurt. [MightyHive] gave us the right to move quicker than we thought we would be ready for. That’s been the ultimate luxury for us.”

MightyHive believes there is a spectrum of control when it comes to in-housing, and marketers must determine where they fall based on their own goals and resources. We are fortunate to partner with forward-thinking brands like Sprint, Bayer, and Nationwide on their in-housing strategies.

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Digiday: By 2020, Bayer Will Take All of Its Digital Media Buying In-House

Bayer plans to in-house all digital media buying by 2020. Josh Palau, VP Digital Strategy and Platforms at Bayer told Digiday that the goal is for the brand to be completely self-sufficient and have the in-house transition completed by 2020.

In order to meet their goals, the team at Bayer wanted to work with a strategic partner to help them successfully navigate the insourcing process. MightyHive will work with Bayer on executing their media buys while Bayer scales up its team and sets its strategy.

“Palau said Bayer was attracted to using a transition agency like MightyHive because it allows the company to avoid a lot of the growing pains when it comes to bringing media in-house. Unlike other agencies, MightyHive promises that a company will be self-sufficient after a dedicated time period.”

We are thrilled to be working with forward-thinking marketers like Bayer. You can read the full article on Digiday.

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Case Study: MightyHive Drives Conversions for Auto Agency Intice®

“Ultimately, this experiment with Optimize 360 helped us enhance the customer journey. The results will act as a catalyst to implement similar designs on other dealership websites. And we’ll be able to continuously improve upon those results in a way that we simply could not have done previously.”

-David Farmer,
CEO, Intice

Testing and optimization is an important part of any marketing strategy, but many marketers and agencies struggle to establish successful testing and optimization strategies. When Intice approached MightyHive for help optimizing their visitor engagement tool, Leadmaker, MightyHive worked to identify the right variables for testing with Google Optimize 360. Using Google Optimize 360 and drawing on MightyHive’s A/B testing experience, conversions increased 138% in just 18 days.



Intice is a digital agency that specializes in auto dealership marketing. Intice helps their dealership clients develop their digital presence and improve lead generation through a series of owned web engagement tools, including Leadmaker. Leadmaker is a pop-up alert that offers an incentive to visitors in exchange for filling out some information about their purchase intent as they enter or exit the dealership’s website.


image of ads with variations


Once MightyHive evaluated the Leadmaker architecture to determine variants for testing. MightyHive determined that there were color and text variations that could be tested on the pop-up. MightyHive created a handful of variants, which they tested over a period for 18 days.

After the test period, Intice and MightyHive calculated the results and the winning variation delivered a 138% increase in conversions. Additionally, Intice saw an increase in overall goal conversions and a decrease in the bounce rate. With the success of the first optimization campaign, Intice wants to apply MightyHive’s expertise to their other marketing products for better optimization. Intice is now ready to drive even more value for their clients and increase the success of their campaigns.

Want to see the full results of our Optimize 360 case study with Intice? Read the full case study hereReady to start optimizing your website with MightyHive? Please contact us.


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intice optimize 360 case study image preview

MediaPost: Brand Data Becoming Pivotal To Digital Advertising

MightyHive Director of Marketing, Myles Younger, outlines why brand data will become a marketer’s greatest asset, alongside the right technology to gain a strategic advantage in your digital advertising strategy. This shift will require a symbiotic relationship between brand data and an integrated technology stack that allows for the free flow of data across products and channels. As Myles explains:

“Brands must take stock of where their proprietary expertise, data, or systems duplicate what a technology platform or a partner can deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively; and conversely what is intrinsic and unique to the brand and is therefore a genuine source of competitive value and differentiation.”

With technology consolidation and the ability to better nurture data activation, brands must begin working to fully own their proprietary data now as a competitive differentiator.

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AdExchanger: What Will Ad Tech Consolidation Look Like?

MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim, spoke to AdExchanger about what he thinks ad tech consolidation will look like. Pete outlines four pillars for companies who will be successful in a consolidated tech ecosystem:

  1. A full stack
  2. An identity graph
  3. An enterprise software sales force
  4. A services ecosystem

Pete argues that assembling these four central pieces will help marketers and agencies take better control of their advertising and data, leading to a streamlined, matured ad tech market.

“The future of the industry could end up being three to four platforms, surrounded by consultancies and agencies that know how to operate the platforms and create integrations with other elements of the marketer’s stack. In fact, this is an accurate description of more mature sections of the enterprise software market.”

Using these insights, Pete measures how the biggest players in the current market measure up against his four central tenants, based on the completeness of their identity graph.


In Pete’s words,  “It’s time to get rid of the ad tech logo soup that requires a magnifying glass to read. The future is far clearer than that.”

Read the full article on AdExchanger.

Event: Programmatic I/O NYC

Join MightyHive at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O New York, the largest industry conference focused on programmatic media and marketing where MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim will be speaking on the Programmatic Essentials Buy-Side track and MightyHive President of the Americas, Emily Del Greco, will be speaking on the Spotlight: TV track. Be sure to add their sessions to your calendar! 


Pete Kim, CEO, MightyHive


Taking programmatic in-house can be a daunting prospect, but a little planning will make you look like a hero. Before jumping in, there’s a steep learning curve and some decisions to make – enter the spectrum of control. You will learn actionable strategies and insights that will ease the pain of in-house programmatic implementation.

October 15, 2018 | 2:00 PM EST | New York Midtown Hilton | New York, NY

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Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive


What we now call “advanced TV” follows few of the rules associated with today’s ad tech. In fact, advanced TV has an ecosystem all its own, with unique technology, principles and market leadership. This session offers a new approach to visualizing this landscape, from rabbit ear antennas to addressable TV, and will break down the key components of the ecosystem relative to their relationship with the end viewer in the hopes of unlocking greater insight for both buyers and sellers.

Emily Del Greco, President of the Americas, MightyHive
Marc Brodherson, Partner, McKinsey & Company

October 15, 2018 | 3:40 PM EST | New York Midtown Hilton | New York, NY

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MightyHive will also have a live exchange table, so be sure to stop by and meet the team. If you would like to schedule a meeting with the team, please submit a form request.


MarTech Advisor: Why Marketers Need to Pay Attention to the Cloud – But Not the One You Think

For most marketers, when they think of “the cloud” their minds immediately jump to a SaaS technology with a web-based user interface like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. While this kind of cloud certainly has its place in your marketing strategy, MightyHive CMO, Leah Kim, argues that marketers should be turning their attention to the other type of cloud – one like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Using the cloud platform, enterprise marketers can harness the processing power of the cloud to digest high volumes of data for better insights and a full view of your customer. As Leah Kim puts it:

“With the growing ubiquity of cloud infrastructure in the enterprise, marketers can now capitalize on access to high-powered cloud processing and data storage and finally do something about the ‘big data’ vendors have been pitching marketers for almost a decade. After all this is the era of marketer control — time to seize all available resources!”

Read the full article on MarTech Advisor.

Case Study: Autodesk Takes Control With Dynamic Creative

When Autodesk revamped their flagship product line, they turned to MightyHive to streamline their creative production. The in-house team at Autodesk wanted to be able to efficiently manage their increased workflows with transparency into all of their active campaigns globally.

To achieve Autodesk’s goals, MightyHive built custom modular dynamic shells that linked to a content feed. This bespoke, integrated approach gave the team at Autodesk the ability to monitor all of their campaigns and quickly make updates.

Using the modular system, Autodesk could easily build the creatives they needed without having to contract individual creatives for each ad size, locality, and product line – a cost savings of $30,000 – $50,000 USD per production workflow.

The flexibility of a modular dynamic creative platform gave Autodesk the direct control they needed to successfully manage their campaigns. MightyHive’s expertise in building scalable creative solutions resulted in increased efficiency and significant cost savings, reducing the standalone creatives required for individual trafficking from 240 per workflow to just 12.

Read the full Autodesk case study here. For more information on how MightyHive can help you streamline your dynamic creative solution, please contact us.

Autodesk Takes Control
With Dynamic Creative

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eMarketer: Ad Fraud Still Plagues Digital Media’s Supply Chain

Last month, we released the results of our test with Guardian US and Google on ads.txt compliance. Our goal was to test the efficiency of ads.txt against domain spoofing and ad fraud. The results were staggering – while 99% of display spend bought through a non-compliant DSP went to verified inventory, 72% of video inventory purchased without ads.txt verification went to fraudulent sources.

Guardian US was able to account for 100% of all spend purchased through verified sources, supporting ads.txt compliance as one solution that is successful at combatting ad fraud. eMarketer has recently released a report evaluating the state of the digital supply chain and what options are available to advertisers to ensure their spend goes to legitimate inventory sources.

Read the full article on eMarketer.