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CIOReview: Transformation Through Consulting, Campaign Management, the Cloud, and Programmatic Self-Sufficiency

The introduction of the Google Marketing Platform, Google’s new unified digital marketing and analytics suite reflects a change in the way marketers are approaching their advertising technology. With a shift towards consolidation and data-centric marketing, advertisers need a programmatic partner who can adapt to and support evolving marketing strategies and technology needs. As MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim explains to CIOReview:

“By unifying media and analytics, Google has heightened the need for a single partner like MightyHive to help clients achieve transformation around a cutting-edge ad technology stack. As the market is ever-changing, we will develop new solutions and be ever-ready to help marketers who are seeking to put data at the core of their marketing initiatives.”

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MediaPost: How Will Digital Advertising Work Now That Privacy Is Here to Stay?

With the adoption of GDPR in Europe and stricter privacy standards being implemented across the entire digital advertising ecosystem, marketers are going to have to adapt their strategies to a new normal. MightyHive’s Director of Marketing, Myles Younger, predicts how advertisers can continue to innovate now that privacy is here to stay.

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Campaign: Google Streams Programmatic Audio Ads In DoubleClick

This week Google announced that they are rolling out global programmatic audio buying through DoubleClick Bid Manager.

MightyHive was an early user of DoubleClick’s programmatic audio feature, seeing exceptional campaign results for a major CPG brand. The campaign yielded over 7.5 million impressions and a CTR over 0.11% alongside a 95% completion rate. You can read the full case study here.

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AdExchanger: Three Challenges Accenture Interactive Will Face As It Pushes Into Programmatic

MightyHive CEO, Pete Kim, weighs in on the challenges Accenture will face following their announcement to move into the programmatic buying space.

Pete Kim emphasizes that one of the main issues that Accenture will need to overcome is staffing up its new programmatic unit, citing a shortage of programmatic experts:

“To achieve the potential of programmatic, you need both the software and the services. The real bottleneck is the skilled programmatic professional who knows how to use all of these instruments to their fullest potential.”

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AdExchanger: The Seventh Deadly Sin Of Digital: Reach And Frequency

MightyHive CRO Ming Wu gets down into the weeds on AdExchanger.

Are you only getting average (mean) reporting numbers from your partners? Consider asking for median to see if the distribution is skewed—you might find that your partners are committing the seventh deadly sin of digital.

This is serious stuff. The average values in your reporting could be masking skewed distributions in your reach and frequency. In other words, some audience members are barely seeing any ads (meaning you have wasted budget on people who will not see your ads enough for the ads to have any impact), while others are being inundated (meaning you have wasted budget serving ads beyond what was need to elicit recall or response).

Once you’re up to speed and you’re looking for ways to manage reach and frequency across publisher partners, check out the recent MightyHive / DoubleClick webinar on Programmatic Guaranteed. The more you’re able to consolidate your ad buys under one programmatic solution, the better you can ensure that reach and frequency targets are being met (and have clear insight if they’re not).

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Webinar March 22: MightyHive and DoubleClick Explore Programmatic Guaranteed



On March 22 at 10am PST, MightyHive CEO Pete Kim and Google Programmatic Deals Manager Joel Aranson will explore how Programmatic Guaranteed can boost the efficiency and precision of your campaigns.

Consolidating direct and open auction ad buys through a single platform delivers several key advantages. When direct and open auction buys are managed separately, marketers lack the ability to precisely control reach and frequency, resulting in sub-optimal performance and wasted impressions.

In fact, consolidating management of direct and open auction buys was found by Nielsen to lead to an 11% increase in reach efficiency, meaning that for the same investment, brands reached 11% more unique consumers.

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22 Mar 2018 at 10:00 AM PST

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Pete Kim
CEO, MightyHive

Joel Aranson
Programmatic Deals Manager, Google


Video: MightyHive CEO Pete Kim speaks at Mumbrella360

Pete journeyed to Sydney and gave a talk entitled “How to Use Programmatic Content to Drive Marketing Success” at Mumbrella360, Australia’s biggest media and marketing conference.

With global programmatic ad spend projected to reach US$37bn by the end of 2019, according to a Manga Global report – combined with formats like mobile, video, VR and TV emerging as powerful channels for programmatic – today’s marketers and advertisers need to be at the bleeding edge of this groundbreaking technology in order to stay ahead of their competition and connect with customers.

In this session, Pete Kim, CEO and Founder of MightyHive, the data-driven marketing firm based in San Francisco, takes the stage to dive into programmatic advancements across digital, mobile, TV and more, and explain how to take action and implement these advancements into marketing efforts.

Attendees walked away with the know-how to apply programmatic across their marketing funnels, the knowledge to master the service side of this business, a deep understanding of the current state of programmatic, and got a glimpse into the future trends that will shape the industry.