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Current opening in Medellín
Semi Senior Analytics Consultant

At Digodat we are young, restless and eager to grow, we are just 5 years old and we are already leading the world of Data in Latin America. We have come here being honest, innovative, aiming to be better every day at what we do and above all being the key drivers of the transformation of companies towards a culture of decision-making based on data. We provide teams and specialized solutions in big data and digital analytics, under a comprehensive approach that combines consulting with development to achieve results.

We have recently merged with MightyHive, and we are excited to meet the growing demand for data and analytics expertise worldwide. Together with MightyHive, we merge our teams and are ready to solve digital marketing challenges for the biggest brands and to be an unmatched partner for modern data- driven marketing specialists. With the merger, MightyHive expands its presence to new cities and adds analytical capabilities at scale in Latin America. And Digodat is now positioned to offer global capabilities to its clients, broader career options for collaborators, and integrated services through S4Capital.



We are looking for a data analysis specialist for the Digodat - Mightyhive Consulting area. The consultant is in charge of dealing with clients, managing their accounts, modeling the data they are going to measure on their digital assets (websites, applications) and activating them.
It is a position in which you will approach the world of digital analytics, programming, digital marketing tools, A / B testing, UX (user experience), data visualization on dashboards or dashboards, the problems of advanced analytics (or data science) and data architecture in cloud environments.
As part of the position you will carry out the coordination of a team in conjunction with SR consultants. This implies being able to manage projects, meetings, strategic orientations, etc.
We need you to like and be interested in numbers, data analysis but also planning and management, that you enjoy learning and also teaching, motivating and generating a good climate and environment for achieving objectives. You will also need to be able to learn new tools, products and develop commercial skills on your own to grow the accounts you are responsible for.
In the team there are economists, physicists, engineers, communicators, political scientists, sociologists, administrators among others. We are united by an interest in data, digital environments and above all a restless and curious spirit. We care less about your training than how you can put that knowledge into practice.


  • Any career, experience or learning linked to data analysis
  • Advanced handling of the tools you have had to work with (Excel, Sheets, SQL, R,Python)
  • Proven experience in managing accounts, projects and / or teams
  • Skills for communication with the client, planning and forming a work team


  • Know or have experience with Google Analytics
  • Know or have experience with digital marketing tools (Ads, Display, Facebook Ads)
  • Know or have experience with data visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI, DataStudio)
  • Know or have experience with data science tools (R, Python, Jupyter notebooks)
  • Know or have experience with cloud computing tools (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • Have experience in teaching or teaching in courses or training
  • Know how to correctly determine the feasibility of the objectives set
  • Recognize mistakes and learn from them
  • Be able to convince of an idea or course of action based on data or analysis from
    different sources
  • Adapt to different environments, concepts and languages


  • That you have initiative and be encouraged to make innovative proposals
  • Don´t wait for orders and take charge of the situation
  • That you prioritize team success over your ego
  • That you can find explanations and answers to problems you are facing for the first time