About MightyHive

The Premier
Programmatic Solutions Partner

MightyHive is the premier Programmatic Solutions Partner, empowering organizations to take control of their digital futures through world-class support and service of advertising platform technologies.

Founded in 2012 by digital advertising veterans, MightyHive pioneered a new category as the original DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner and is now one of the largest and fastest-growing programmatic buyers in the world.

MightyHive has offices in San Francisco, New York, Sydney, London, and Singapore, and has helped hundreds of marketing organizations adopt programmatic strategies and drive results.

MightyHive Leadership Team

Pete Kim
Pete Kim

Formerly Head of Ad Platform Business Development at Google, Director of Dynamic Advertising at Yahoo!

A highly influential figure in advertising technology, Pete has a decade of industry leadership experience, including his tenure at two of the world’s most renowned ad tech companies, Google and Yahoo!

As CEO and Co-Founder of MightyHive, the Programmatic Solutions Partner, Pete Kim continues to work with some of the world’s largest advertisers across every industry vertical to improve digital marketing strategies and help them harness the power of programmatic.

Previously, Pete was Head of Business Development for Google’s Media Platforms, including DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA), DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM), Teracent, DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), and Invite Media.

Prior to that role, he served as Director, Product Manager and GM of Dynamic Advertising at Yahoo! where he pioneered the use of dynamic creative for marketers.

Pete earned his undergraduate degree in Biomechanical Engineering at the UC Berkeley and his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also serves on the board of the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Christopher S. Martin
Christopher S. Martin
Chief Operating Officer

Formerly Director of Targeting Operations at Yahoo!, Controller for Yahoo! M&A

As COO and Co-founder of MightyHive, the Programmatic Solutions Partner, Chris continues a 14-year track record of building and leading successful Operations and Client Services organizations across digital advertising and marketing companies, including his long tenure at Yahoo!

At MightyHive, Chris is responsible for day-to-day operations at one of the world’s largest and fastest growing buyers of programmatic advertising. His unique talent and expertise help MightyHive partners develop programmatic expertise, drive efficiency in their marketing organizations, and gain the most out of their engagements with MightyHive.

A respected leader in finance and accounting, Chris previously held key executive positions at Yahoo! including Chief of Staff to the Controllership overseeing the company’s $6B P&L and Director of Targeting Operations for Yahoo!’s $200M Dynamic Creative and Audience Targeting Ad Products. While at Yahoo!, Chris spearheaded the acquisition integrations of Dapper, 5to1, and Interclick.

He received his BS Computer Engineering from Lehigh University and his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Lexi Viripaeff
Lexi Viripaeff
VP of Engineering

Formerly Salesforce.com, Wrote Salesforce.com’s enterprise integration

Lexi is an expert at harnessing large and complex data sets – the kind that accumulate in corporate systems but are normally left untapped. He led the team that designed Salesforce.com’s next-generation big data storage and processing engine in the role of Senior Product Manager for Large Data Volume and Big Data. Lexi earned his BA in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

Lexi’s wide range of capabilities and expertise enable MightyHive clients to onboard programmatic solutions much more easily – so they, in turn, can improve campaign results quickly.

Ming Wu
Ming Wu
Chief Revenue Officer

Formerly EVP at SolarCity, President at Accuen, and led Brand Advertising for Yahoo

As Executive Vice President of Marketing at SolarCity he combined strategy, creativity, data, and technology to deliver a superior brand experience to consumers. Prior to joining SolarCity, Ming was President of Accuen, the data-driven agency that transformed the art and science of marketing for Omnicom Media Group, the world’s second-largest marketing and communications holding company. His business grew five-fold and was regularly credited on earnings calls as their stock doubled over four years.

Ming has also led award-winning work while serving 100+ brands that include PepsiCo, Apple, Nissan/Infiniti, State Farm, McDonald’s, and GlaxoSmithKline. In the mid-2000’s, he led the $1B Brand Advertising business at Yahoo and managed their monetization across $1.7B in display advertising in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Emerging Markets. Ming later pioneered the specialized use of consumer data and programmatic technology to help drive verified leads for 2% of cars sold in the U.S.

Ming holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Ming’s expertise has enabled many MightyHive clients to dramatically improve their campaigns.

Leah Kim
Leah Kim
Chief Marketing Officer

Formerly Global Senior Marketing Director at Accuen; management roles at AppNexus and Microsoft

At Accuen – an Omnicom Media Group company – Leah served as a data and programmatic subject matter expert and led the agency’s rebranding to an integrated solution. In marketing roles at AppNexus and Microsoft respectively, Leah led client communications, revenue tracking, and search campaigns for Capital One, Dell Computers, GEICO, Walmart, and other clients.

Leah holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia and has cultivated expertise in a range of programs that include Brand Identity at the School of Visual Arts, Computer Science at EdX/Harvard, and Accessibility Design at New York University.

Leah’s deep industry expertise enables her to clearly communicate the singular benefits of collaborating with MightyHive.

Why MightyHive

Transparent + Flexible

You’re better positioned to invest resources when costs are transparent. MightyHive offers clear pricing and the ability to adjust your engagement level, giving you the flexibility to adapt as conditions change.


You know your business best. As programmatic experts, we take a collaborative approach to make your programmatic transition successful. Your experience and our expertise create a potent combination that drives results.


Programmatic is here to stay, and there has been a fundamental shift in how teams run campaigns. MightyHive helps you keep pace with the continuously changing landscape through strategic advice and tools like MightyDesk, a console that bridges the gaps between platforms and teams.