Mid-Sized Marketers

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Mid-Sized Marketers

Making the transition from platforms like Google Display Network (GDN) or Facebook can be a tall order for any marketing team. MightyHive helps your team build confidence with programmatic buying before taking full control.

We collaborate with marketers who’ve found success on inventory like Google Display Network or Facebook and want to scale their success. MightyHive can provide the training, templates, platforms, strategies, data, and more to help accelerate your growth on ad platforms with broader capabilities and larger reach. We can also help you avoid many pitfalls common to programmatic buying.


MightyHive equips you to run programmatic campaigns the right way.

A dedicated account manager will provide ongoing technical support and help you launch programmatic campaigns via training, templates, strategies, data, and more. We also help you activate customer lists through MightyHive’s Custom Audience Tool so that you can create campaigns that reach your best customers, and help you streamline the workflow to traffic and update campaigns.

Clients also get access to MightyDesk, a console that provides access to quick, actionable insights on campaigns, reports, and advertising buying and decision-making through a central location.

Our expertise has been built expressly to help marketers develop their own programmatic buying skills.

We deliver best practice recommendations, live training seminars, and access to a catalog of online videos and FAQs which help you build your knowledge from 101 through to expert-level skills.

MightyHive is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner and a designated Sales Partner by Google. As the largest Google Marketing Platform Partner, MightyHive continues to raise the bar for support and platform expertise on Google Marketing Platform.

Ways to Engage

Why lock yourself into rigid annual contracts?

MightyHive services, solutions, and guidance can be combined in a way that makes the most sense for your business and budget.
Collaborating with MightyHive enables you to add or subtract offerings and service tiers as your needs change.


Self-Service and Support service tiers allow for as much – or as little – support as you need.

Self-Service – The option for experienced media buying teams who want to use ad platforms to directly to set up campaigns, execute strategy, and generate reports. A MightyHive account manager provides basic platform and technical support.

Support – For clients with limited programmatic experience who want to learn quickly and manage their own campaigns, a dedicated account manager will train your team, help set up initial campaign strategy, then provide ongoing technical and strategic support.


Recommended for teams with limited resources to manage campaigns or who want an outsourced option for campaign management. A dedicated MightyHive account manager will provide full-service campaign setup, platform operations, and optimizations.

Why MightyHive

Transparent + Flexible

You’re better positioned to invest resources when costs are transparent. MightyHive offers clear pricing and the ability to adjust your engagement level, giving you the flexibility to adapt as conditions change.


You know your business best. As programmatic experts, we take a collaborative approach to make your programmatic transition successful. Your experience and our expertise create a potent combination that drives results.


Programmatic is here to stay, and there has been a fundamental shift in how teams run campaigns. MightyHive helps you keep pace with the continuously changing landscape through strategic advice and tools like MightyDesk, a console that bridges the gaps between platforms and teams.