MightyHive and DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Measure Performance
Across Channels.


DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) gives advertisers a critical unified view of audience interactions and campaign performance. By tracking ad impressions, clicks, site visits, and custom events from a single place, and then merging that data into the complete DoubleClick advertising stack, DCM serves as a crucial “source of truth” for measuring performance and uncovering pivotal insights.

Unified Media Planning and Reporting

DCM gives you a single intuitive platform for efficiently setting up campaigns and reports to match your media plans, marketing efforts, customer journey, and KPIs.

DoubleClick's User Graph

As part of an integrated DoubleClick ad stack, DCM unlocks the dominant advantage of a deduplicated, cross-device user graph. Other tracking and ad serving platforms are limited by siloed or probabilistic user graphs, which lead to less accurate measurement and greater media waste.

Integration with Google Analytics 360

Use ad impressions, interactions, and events captured by DCM can inform reporting, analytics, and modeling within Google Analytics 360 and Attribution 360.

MightyHive Workflow Enhancements

Proprietary MightyHive tools expedite the trafficking process and allow our teams to quickly traffic hundreds of creatives or edit to creative specifications (e.g., start and end date, landing page URL, etc.), leading to faster launch times and fewer errors.

Why MightyHive

Transparent + Flexible

You’re better positioned to invest resources when costs are transparent. MightyHive offers clear pricing and the ability to adjust your engagement level, giving you the flexibility to adapt as conditions change.


You know your business best. As programmatic experts, we take a collaborative approach to make your programmatic transition successful. Your experience and our expertise create a potent combination that drives results.


Programmatic is here to stay, and there has been a fundamental shift in how teams run campaigns. MightyHive helps you keep pace with the continuously changing landscape through strategic advice and tools like MightyDesk, a console that bridges the gaps between platforms and teams.