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As first-party data fluency becomes table stakes for marketers in the new privacy era, it is essential to understand how to collect, cleanse and unify consumer data.

Enter the Customer Data Platform.

As the marketing technology industry creates a wave of solutions to manage first party data, how do you determine which CDP is right for your business needs?

Our Services
MightyHive can help you conduct an audit of existing tech and data to determine if a CDP is the right fit for your business needs. Just as every CDP has different strengths, features and capabilities, every business has a different level of data readiness to begin fully leveraging the functionality a CDP. 
As new entrants emerge and established names join the CDP landscape, MightyHive helps marketers make sense of an increasingly complex landscape, choose the right partners, and unlock the full potential of their data. Through our robust advisory services, our data experts are with you at every step of your CDP journey.  
With deep integrations and certifications across many of the industry leading CDPs, MightyHive has the expertise to ensure your CDP meets your brand's unique needs. To further the benefits from your CDP activation, we can help your enable advanced features to maximize the potential of your data. 
Build the organizational knowledge for a sustainable data strategy with MightyHive’s hands-on training. Upskill your team with design workshops and CDP implementation led by MightyHive experts. 
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