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Programmatic technology means more sophisticated digital campaigns, but it also means a time-consuming manual effort to make it work to its full potential. MightyDesk is a suite of tools that automates important but effort-intensive workflows in Google Marketing Platform to save time and reduce errors. These are the same tools MightyHive employees use to manage 10,000s campaigns for 1,000s of clients around the world.

MightyDesk UI

Why MightyDesk


Fast Campaign Deployment

Spend less time doing rote tasks and get campaigns up and running faster. You could save over 300 hours a month in trafficking time.


Team Collaboration

Have entire teams communicate in real-time on updates and changes, minimizing back and forth over email.


Less Time Spent Troubleshooting

Gain visibility into team changelogs for QA or reference when creating new campaigns.

MightyDesk Features


Consistency, speed, and collaboration for bulk changes to your campaigns.


Visualize campaign spend in a single view across channels and the leading programmatic buying platforms.

QA Module

Detects anomalies in active programmatic campaigns based on our defined best practices.

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