AdExchanger: The Seventh Deadly Sin Of Digital: Reach And Frequency
BY MightyHive ON April 23, 2018
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MightyHive CRO Ming Wu gets down into the weeds on AdExchanger.

Are you only getting average (mean) reporting numbers from your partners? Consider asking for median to see if the distribution is skewed—you might find that your partners are committing the seventh deadly sin of digital.

This is serious stuff. The average values in your reporting could be masking skewed distributions in your reach and frequency. In other words, some audience members are barely seeing any ads (meaning you have wasted budget on people who will not see your ads enough for the ads to have any impact), while others are being inundated (meaning you have wasted budget serving ads beyond what was need to elicit recall or response).

Once you're up to speed and you're looking for ways to manage reach and frequency across publisher partners, check out the recent MightyHive / DoubleClick webinar on Programmatic Guaranteed. The more you're able to consolidate your ad buys under one programmatic solution, the better you can ensure that reach and frequency targets are being met (and have clear insight if they're not).

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