MediaPost: Brand Data Becoming Pivotal To Digital Advertising
BY MightyHive ON September 21, 2018
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MightyHive Director of Marketing, Myles Younger, outlines why brand data will become a marketer's greatest asset, alongside the right technology to gain a strategic advantage in your digital advertising strategy. This shift will require a symbiotic relationship between brand data and an integrated technology stack that allows for the free flow of data across products and channels. As Myles explains:

"Brands must take stock of where their proprietary expertise, data, or systems duplicate what a technology platform or a partner can deliver more efficiently and cost-effectively; and conversely what is intrinsic and unique to the brand and is therefore a genuine source of competitive value and differentiation."

With technology consolidation and the ability to better nurture data activation, brands must begin working to fully own their proprietary data now as a competitive differentiator.

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