MightyHive Helps Northwell Health Address Pandemic Crisis with Marketing Data
BY Mikey Watson ON April 19, 2021 | IN Case Studies
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Mikey Watson
As Global Director, Data Solutions at MightyHive, Mikey uses his deep technical expertise to design sophisticated solutions to make sense of complex data. With a background in experimental and translational medicine and chemistry, Mikey applies his scientific background to honing his data science mastery and developing best-in-class talent at MightyHive. In his free time, Mikey enjoys skateboarding and keeping up with UK drum and bass.

Working with MightyHive to build out our analytics infrastructure allowed us to pivot quickly during a crisis, discovering a new use case for our marketing data that helped us stay weeks ahead of the curve, support public health, and save lives.

- Paul Lambson, Corporate Director, Customer Insights and Analytics, Northwell Health

Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider and private employer, worked with MightyHive in 2019 to set up a privacy-compliant tagging strategy and data architecture. The project gave the Northwell Health marketing team flexibility to analyze vast amounts of site data, leveraging sophisticated Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform technologies.

In order to help Northwell Health gather the data they needed to enhance their first-party data collection strategy, MightyHive implemented client-side measurement of key events like click-to-call and visit wait time tracking alongside key behavioral interactions. Then, the team set up querying support to pull relevant features from Northwell Health’s Google Analytics dataset to inform its overall model built with BigQuery Machine Learning.

Then Came 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and hospitals were quickly overwhelmed, Northwell Health started looking for ways to anticipate surges in visits to its facilities. With its newfound ability to analyze large quantities of site data, analysts at Northwell Health began to identify patterns in web traffic before each wave of the virus hit.

Upon investigation of its marketing data, they found that overall page views to the system’s website, along with searches for wait times at the emergency department and directions to a hospital, increased significantly leading up to each wave.

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Making a Bigger Impact with Marketing Data

This ability to use advertising and marketing data as an enterprise asset to inform business decisions well outside the marketing discipline is incredibly valuable. At MightyHive, we believe advertising and marketing data can serve as a general-purpose "window to the outside world" for companies to help them strategically adapt and plan around consumer behavior and market trends as they are happening.

In this case, Northwell Health was able to address a public health crisis and save actual lives. Consider the implications for other verticals. For example, as CPG companies focus more on eCommerce and direct-to-consumer models, marketing and analytics data can be used to inform inventory planning, digital shelf strategies, and last-mile delivery tactics. Similarly, retailers would be wise to glean trend insights from marketing data in order to influence future product availability and other operational decisions.

Advertisers with well-designed data and analytics toolkits could be looking at billions or even trillions of actionable data points. We think there’s a lot of opportunity for marketers to use data not only to create better customer experiences, but also to make a big impact outside of the marketing silo. Check out our full Northwell Health case study below, and contact us to learn more about how to take control of your data.


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