WEBINAR: Data Quality Nightmares with Julien Coquet
BY Adam Remson ON May 15, 2020 | IN Videos, Thought Leadership

Data Quality Nightmares

On May 14, Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive, joined Live with MightyHive to share ghoulish tales of data mismanagement and how they could have been avoided. Coquet recounted one agency that copied and pasted tracking tags, an e-commerce site without any inventory management, and he discussed how to address the zombie martech tags that can swarm a brand's website. 

"Be mindful of what kind of data you collect. Just because you can collect it, doesn't mean you should....You can do amazing things with data, but if your data is rotten to begin with then you are not going to get far."

- Julien Coquet, Director of Analytics EMEA at MightyHive

The stories are cautionary tales for teams working to establish data governance and data hygiene standards. In this episode you will learn: 

  • Best practices and procedures for improving data governance.
  • How to manage your martech stack.
  • Why careful data collection comprises the foundation for meaningful analytics, insights, and reporting.

Scroll down to watch the video and view the slides from this “Live with MightyHive” episode below.


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Watch Episode 2: Data Quality Nightmares, with Julien Coquet, and view the slides below.

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