WEBINAR: Performance Metrics, Privacy and Long Customer Journeys
BY Adam Remson ON March 31, 2021 | IN Events, Videos
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Adam Remson
As the Director of Content Marketing at MightyHive, Adam tells the MightyHive story across available B2B marketing platforms. Previously, Adam was the Publisher of Adweek Magazine, editor of three advertising-related trade magazines, and freelance writer for the leading advertising trade publications.

On March 18, Live with MightyHive welcomed sister company Metric Theory and peer-to-peer luxury & fashion marketplace Tradesy for a discussion about performance marketing. For industries with longer customer journeys like fashion and luxury, performance marketing is a blend of experience and science; more than ever now that new privacy regulations will soon take effect.

People are still going to see your ads and you need to be able to figure out which ads are performing

-- Riaan Ahmed, Chief Growth Officer, Tradesy

Metric Theory Co-Founder Adam Edwards and Tradesy Chief Growth Officer Riaan Ahmed share an appreciation for the many advertising touch points across search, social, app, and web sites that go into purchasing a luxury item. Together they are preparing for the negative effect privacy laws and regulations will have on the performance metrics they’re accustomed to using. But as Ahmed says, “That doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing your ads.”

Customer Acquisition for Luxury Goods

Register below to learn how Metric Theory and Tradesy are tracking performance over a long and complex customer journey while managing internal stakeholders’ responses to adjusted and affected KPIs.