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MightyHive is a new breed of media consultancy that partners with global brands and agencies seeking transformative marketing results in a time of significant disruption and opportunity. Recognized as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and services in the areas of media operations and training, data strategy, and analytics. 

In 2018, MightyHive merged with S4Capital plc (SFOR.L), a new age/new era digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell.

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Download the Slide Deck and Video that Explain Data Clean Rooms

Get up to speed on what data clean rooms are, how they work, and how they’ll help bridge the gap between user privacy and marketing insights.

Digiday: ‘We wanted to take control’: Inside Sony Pictures Entertainment’s In-house Strategy

Sony Pictures Entertainment spoke to Digiday about their in-housing journey and how working with a partner like MightyHive helped them take control.

Video: MightyHive and Mondelēz - Connecting Ads to Sales

Mondelēz wanted to build a closer relationship with its customers through digital advertising. MightyHive architected a marketing model so they could genuinely connect advertising to sales.

Brands Trust MightyHive


“Sprint is simplifying, streamlining, and optimizing our digital efforts so that we can fuel growth, achieve our strategic goals, and create cost savings. Selecting MightyHive as our partner is a key step in this process. Their deep expertise in programmatic and advisory capabilities made them a natural choice.”



Why MightyHive?


You’re better positioned to invest resources when costs are transparent. MightyHive provides clear pricing and the ability to adjust your engagement levels, giving you more flexibility than the average digital marketer. Gain the freedom to adapt as business conditions change.


As programmatic experts with a five-year track record of success, we take a collaborative, consultative approach. Our purpose is to lend our programmatic expertise to your business strategy to help you drive results.


Programmatic demands a fundamental shift in how teams run campaigns. We’re focused on helping you get started and stay on top of the latest tactics, technologies, and industry trends.