AdExchanger: He Said What? AdExchanger’s Most Popular Opinions Of 2018
BY MightyHive ON January 02, 2019
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In AdExchanger's annual round-up of their 10 most popular opinion columns of 2018, MightyHive grabbed not one, but two spots on the list! As Tilde Herrera explains:

"The very best columns are engaging, on-point and fun to read. Our 10 most popular op-eds of 2018 below delivered on each count.

We have to give a gold star to Martin Kihn (formerly of Gartner and now at Salesforce), author of three of our most-read columns. Not far behind is MightyHive, the consultancy recently acquired by S4 that contributed two of our top columns."



#6 - What Will Ad Tech Consolidation Look Like?
By: Pete Kim

MightyHive’s CEO gives his take on how the winners of the ad tech game will consolidate around four key strengths – an interesting view from the leader of a company that was itself just acquired.

#10 - The Seventh Deadly Sin Of Digital: Reach And Frequency
By: Ming Wu

Another winner from MightyHive shows how marketers’ quest for reach and frequency can lead them to the dark side.

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