Introducing: Live with MightyHive
BY Adam Remson ON April 30, 2020 | IN Events, Videos
Adam Remson
As the Director of Content Marketing at MightyHive, Adam tells the MightyHive story across available B2B marketing platforms. Previously, Adam was the Publisher of Adweek Magazine, editor of three advertising-related trade magazines, and freelance writer for the leading advertising trade publications.

MightyHive is launching a new series of webinar-workshops, Live with MightyHive, to give you quick, actionable insights from MightyHive subject matter experts and partners. In each workshop, we spotlight one aspect of digital marketing, such as data analytics, performance, attribution, privacy, and more. We interview specialists with years of field experience to draw out useful tactics that can be applied today and then we welcome questions from our live audience.

We kicked off our first episode with Doug Hall, MightyHive Senior Director of Analytics EMEA, who joined Live with MightyHive to discuss using Google CausalImpact to extract significance and causality from Google Analytics data. Hall also shared techniques for presenting data significance in ways that tell the story and enable action.

"Because we are dealing with probabilities...the explanation needs to be absolutely clear. If you can explain the difference between significance and noise, then you can definitely start to use this tool. If you start to explain Bayesian time series, inference models and machine learning, then you are going to lose people real quickly."

- Doug Hall, Senior Director of Analytics, EMEA


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