VIDEO: Cloud Computing Drives Speed and Innovation for Mondelēz Advertising Campaigns
BY Adam Remson ON April 22, 2020 | IN Videos, Case Studies
Adam Remson
As the Director of Content Marketing at MightyHive, Adam tells the MightyHive story across available B2B marketing platforms. Previously, Adam was the Publisher of Adweek Magazine, editor of three advertising-related trade magazines, and freelance writer for the leading advertising trade publications.

Two years ago, Mondelēz International set an ambitious but simple goal: Develop closer connections to the millions of people buying its snack products every day. But this vision of “Personalization at Scale'' faced tremendous organizational and technical challenges. To achieve this, it meant:

  • Unlocking first-party data trapped in silos throughout its global organization.
  • Constructing a unified data architecture to store and organize all the data.
  • Accelerating the flow of valuable point of sale data from its retail partners -- something many companies in the CPG category had tried before, and failed.

"A cloud is essential for marketers who want to combine advanced data sets and do higher order analytics."

- Jonathan Halvorson, VP Global Media, Digital, and Data. Mondelēz International


Rewiring the Status Quo

For decades, CPG companies like Mondelēz waited weeks for access to valuable consumer sales data to come from their retail partners. Back when television and print advertising dominated, a time lag like this was less of a concern. However, with the rise of direct-to-consumer brands and the immediacy of digital advertising data, Mondelēz set out to build a digital bridge to its retail partners in order to eliminate the delay. 

Success depended on mastering emerging technology (like data clean rooms) and applying creative problem-solving. Mondelēz selected MightyHive to help bring cross-platform media data and offline sales data together in Google Cloud. By taking a cloud-based approach, large-scale data sets could be flexibly and securely brought together and standardized. Plus, Mondelēz would receive meaningful analytics quickly in order to optimize its digital advertising campaigns on the fly.

"The advantage that a Mondelēz can have over everyone else in our category is that we've done machine learning on better data longer."

- Jonathan Halvorson, VP Global Media, Digital, and Data. Mondelēz International


Bold Thinking Rewarded

Mondelēz became the first company in its category to make a direct connection between online advertising and offline sales. MightyHive leveraged cloud computing to create a safe and powerful tool for Mondelēz and its business partners to perform advanced analytics in tandem. The actionable insights Mondelēz received had a significant impact on its advertising investment; especially for a global organization of its size and scope: 


  • ROI is up 20% for its U.S. advertising
  • Global ROI is up 10%