WEBINAR: Setting In-Housing Expectations: Bayer and Shopify Detail Their Digital Transformations
BY Adam Remson ON January 20, 2021 | IN Thought Leadership, Videos
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Adam Remson
As the Director of Content Marketing at MightyHive, Adam tells the MightyHive story across available B2B marketing platforms. Previously, Adam was the Publisher of Adweek Magazine, editor of three advertising-related trade magazines, and freelance writer for the leading advertising trade publications.

It’s safe to call Jeff Rasp and Matthew Bennett “in-housing experts.” As VP, Digital Platforms, Channels, and Capabilities at Bayer, Rasp holds a critical role in the digital transformation of a company founded in the 19th century. Conversely, Bennett’s company was born in the digital age but as the Senior Performance Marketing Lead at Shopify, he works to bring the marketing team progressively closer to the data feedback loop. Their companies are different but they share a similar objective of making their company’s digital marketing more efficient, more effective, and more flexible. 

“We wanted to be in control of our destiny…. We wanted to hold media more accountable. We wanted a measurement model and framework that we stood behind and was meaningful to our brand.”

— Jeff Rasp, VP Digital Platforms, Channels, and Capabilities at Bayer


Joanna O'Connell explains the four key pillars of digital transformation

On November 17, MightyHive invited Bennet and Rasp to share their in-housing stories and experiences. They were joined by MightyHive’s Senior Director of Consulting, Cullen Urbano, and guest host Joanna O’Connell, VP, Principal Analyst, at Forrester. O’Connell set the stage with an overview of the recently published Forrester report titled “The Brands Guide to In-Housing Media” and then moderated an insightful Q&A session. 

“The pivot over the last few years has been around the role of a marketer which has morphed into one part marketer and one part marketing technologist.”

— Matthew Bennett, Senior Performance Marketing Lead at Shopify


Graph showing why marketers are taking media in-house

It’s difficult to imagine a better brain trust on the subject. Over the course of an hour, the group spoke of the many benefits, unforeseen challenges, and the importance of communicating and incorporating many departments outside of advertising/marketing. 

“A mistake that some marketers come in with when they are looking at in-housing, is that they approach it thinking that it just impacts the marketing or advertising departments.”

— Cullen Urbano, Senior Director of Consulting