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Helping Marketers Connect with Consumers Through Data

Data is the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Eighty-seven percent of marketers consider data their organizations’ most underutilized asset, yet according to Forrester, more than half still feel overwhelmed by incoming data. To make data-driven marketing a reality, marketers need data experts to guide their strategy while effectively navigating a changing privacy landscape and technological changes.

A major barrier for marketers is that technology is never turnkey. MightyHive helps smart marketers demystify a complicated landscape, take control of their tech investments, and unlock the full potential of their data.

Our Services

Data Advisory

Take control of your tech and data to drive sustained transformative business results.

Assessment – Comprehensive overviews of marketing data and capabilities

Strategy, Planning & Organizational Design – Strategy and advice to deliver short- and long-term results and the team structure, talent, and process design to execute

Data Governance – Process for better data ingestion practices and platform management

Training – Skill enablement in data and digital media concepts and platforms

Data Infrastructure

Break down silos to bring your data together and create a single source of truth.

Cloud Architecture – Infrastructure secured, automated and monitored to your specifications

Data Pipeline Automation – Low-latency, high-frequency data collection

Platform Deployment – Deploy platforms across the entire marketing spectrum

Security & Privacy Compliance – Risk assessment audits, data deletion and reduction processes for privacy-safe data collection


Find the signal in the noise and turn your data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Attribution Modeling – Digital attribution for online and offline channels

Dashboards & Reporting – Automated dashboards to surface key insights

Predictive Modeling – Predict business outcomes or optimize media mix

Segmentation – Segment customers for better personalization

Working With MightyHive


Enterprise Marketers

Today’s enterprise business collects an overwhelming amount of data. But with data trapped across silos, regions, departments, and partners, enterprise marketers need a partner to create first-party data collection strategies, find a signal in the noise, and actually activate against those insights.
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Mid-Size Marketers

Companies looking to execute more sophisticated digital strategies invest in costly enterprise technologies. These platforms provide increased reach and capabilities but are complex to use. MightyHive has helped thousands of companies master these technologies and get the most out of their investments.
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With a challenging publishing landscape, it is more important than ever for publishers to find sustainable operating models.

The MightyHive Data Practice helps publishers build an organization that uses data to differentiate itself in the market as well as inform and guide its content strategy.

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